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» Sunday, July 17, 2016
The New Normal
So it's been going for the last few days. We get up in the morning and about nine I run to the house (remembering to ask for my day pass), wake up the fids, put the television on for Snowy, walk Tucker, eat my breakfast, pick up anything I need to bring in, and then troll around for something for lunch. One day it was Panera, the other it was Tin Drum, one day it was Publix (the day I left my debit card behind). I park for the day and spend the afternoon reading or helping James disentangle IV wires, and go downstairs for supper. Sometimes what they're serving gives me indigestion. At least the salads are good.

At night the trip goes again. I still walk the dog, but now the activity is now a shower and fresh underwear. A few nights the three of  us have sat down to watch Lassie. I take my pills and fill water and food dishes, and have exactly five dark chocolate kisses. When I get back it is ten o'clock and I have to be let in by security. The first few days they didn't say anything; now they interrogate who I am and where I am going.

I am mostly exhausted. My back hurts; no matter which way I sleep on this couch-bed it is uncomfortable. The pillows are terrible. I need three. At least there is a "bed" and pillows; I remember James sitting up when I went for my thyroid surgery. The nurses and the techs are all "swell."

James' kidney function has not gone down to where they want it. His creatitine is stuck at 3.8. So tomorrow they are doing the heart catherization with the lowest level of dye they can and they have been prepping him with saline solution and some other drugs, including something that apparently tastes like "a fart in your mouth." Take that as you will.

It's bedtime. Wish him luck tomorrow.

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