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» Saturday, July 09, 2016
Nothing Re-Mark-Able

It's been one of those off-again, on-again days. The "on" part was a nice morning (albeit early) to go to the Hallmark ornament premiere. We were going to sleep until 6:45, but nature screamed at 6:30. Wish nature would let me get some sleep.

We ended up getting there ten minutes early, and once inside didn't buy all that much. James got the X-Wing from The Force Awakens and the Lockheed Vega (the F1-6 won't be out until October). I got the new Twelve Days of Christmas (the goose this year) ornament, the winter garden ornament to go in my winter village, the Harry Potter minis to go on the library tree (could have lived without the sorting hat and the Snitch, but wanted Hedwig), the Father Christmas reindeer to go with the woodland tree and its woodland Santas, the Hallowe'en owl, and I had to get that Hammond organ that reminded me so of fifth grade! (It plays a neat gospel song, too!) Noticed they have re-released the 64 Crayola box ornament from 2013. I have mine sitting under the pen/paintbrush holder on my drafting table.

The only other one I want is the pair of foxes and they aren't out until October. James looked at the gold Enterprise and passed on it; he'd rather have something that looked like the real thing.

We stopped at Sprouts before heading home, getting some meat and a container of soup for supper on Monday night, since the last thing we want on a day when we'll be without air conditioning half the day is to light the stove. Plus we stopped at Bernhard's to get a couple of desserts for next week.

James went off to his club meeting soon after we arrived home. I thought about going out, and then said screw it; I didn't want to go out in the sun. I fripping hate the sun and loathe summer with all my heart.

Instead I finished cleaning out the bathtub downstairs. We have been using it to store water for emergencies, but most of the washed and sterilized milk jugs had cracked in the past few years and were empty. I ended up with only three intact and one of those is cracked and leaking. The other water is in juice bottles, which are apparently made of stronger plastic. Last week I put some in the laundry room. First I swept and washed the floor in the bathroom, then put the remainder of the intact bottles behind the toilet and next to the walls, and then finally I scrubbed out the tub. Now we can get in there to change the light bulb (which is in a waterproof fixture over the tub) so you won't have to pee in Stygian darkness, and put in a new shower curtain that won't block the light from the fixture.

Satisfied, I came upstairs and made the bed and tidied up around the master bath, then settled on the sofa to finish "Wild Hunt" (one of the ElfQuest adventures). Walked Tucker about 3:30 and not soon afterwards James arrived  home. His back was aching again, but I had asked him not to take the muscle relaxant while he was driving alone. He took it before we headed out for supper (at Panera again; I had the soup and the Chinese cashew chicken salad and realized that even with a smaller bowl of soup, that is simply too big a meal for me—I'll stick to the bowl of soup and the baguette from now on).

We went to Barnes & Noble and were wiped out within fifteen minutes: last weekend when I went alone the store was hellishly hot and I was told their A/C was broken and a new one was coming in on Tuesday. Well, there's apparently some kind of A/C running now, but very faintly and it was still hellishly hot in there. I feel terribly sorry for the employees! I can leave, they can't. Anyway, I bought Art in the Blood and then kept an eye on James on the way home; he said he felt like the medicine for his back was starting to kick in finally (over ninety minutes later).

He's pretty much been half asleep for the rest of the night, Tucker didn't want to go for a walk tonight because some asshat is still shooting off cherry bombs, and my left knee is giving me fits. I wish it would rain and get it over with! The only thing of note tonight was watching the very first Keeping Up Appearances, which I don't think I've ever seen. There is a different actress as Rose and it sounded as if Sheridan was going to join a terrorist group! Very different from his later persona.

In any case, I had only six hours sleep last night and don't care if it's 10:30 on a Saturday night: I'm going off to bed!

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