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» Saturday, July 02, 2016
I'm Melting, Dammit

Hadn't been to the Farmer's Market in months, and Tucker needed bedtime cookies, so we struggled out of bed this morning at eight. Tucker was immensely puzzled at not being taken for a walk until he realized he was going for a ride in the truck, and then he wouldn't even take the time to pee. He wanted in the cab now! And he spent the time there standing on my leg intently peering out the window.

It was already hot as we trudged into Marietta Square. The market had just opened and was already crowded. Lots of dogs today: corgis, clipped poodles, a Bernese-cross, a big Doberman, and more, including a shy dachshund who sorely puzzled Tucker, who wanted to play. We bought scones, cucumbers, two ears of corn, a loaf of pumpkin bread, and the dog biscuits, talked to the ex-chicken salad guy, and bought some home-made limeade to drink. Yum!

After putting our purchases up at home, we were going to get gasoline at Costco and then have lunch. But it turned out our membership had expired and we had to leave without filling up (wish they'd let you re-up at the pump!). So we were at the door of Longhorn at eleven when they opened, gratefully enjoying the air conditioning because it was already broiling hot; by the time we'd finished at the Farmer's Market I was soaked at the back from neck to ankles. We both had 6-ounce steak with salad sides, and a "Texas tonion" for an appetizer. (I like this adaptation of onion rings much better than Outback's "bloomin' onion," which was disappointing the one time we had it.)

James really needed the gas and I was going to need to fill up, too, so after eating we went back to Costco, where, miracles of miracles, a handicapped parking space was open. We bought milk (reveling in the chill of the dairy case), Jamaican meat patties, mandarin oranges, Skinny Pop, Breathe Right strips, more omeprazole, and season two of Shaun the Sheep. The place was massively crowded with people stocking up for the Fourth, but the lines were running pretty efficiently. At checkout we re-upped our membership and then we could finally buy gas and come  home.

For the afternoon I put on The Right Stuff, and we enjoyed that until it was time to get dressed to go to the Hungry Ear Coffee House to see Louis Robinson, Bruce Gilbert, and Bob Bakert perform. Stopped for a couple of burgers on the way, and by the bookstore to spend the 15 percent off coupons we forgot last night. Were almost late to the performance because I had to wait ten minutes for the customer service person to dig the book I wanted out of the stockroom. For heaven's sake, don't say "the book is available" at a certain store unless you have it out.

(I feel bad for the employees at the Akers Mill store—I noticed it was terribly hot in there yesterday and when I inquired about it while checking out tonight the cashier told me they will have no air conditioning until Tuesday, when they install a new unit. Good grief! Give those employees some fans! And time and a half! No A/C! In 95°F heat!)

Had a good time at Hungry Ear except that I was still warm and the heat had just hit poor James all at once; he spent half the concert with his eyes closed trying to relax. They played some great stuff, including a James Taylor piece and a rock'n'roll singalong at the end. Louis did a couple of his standards plus a song he hadn't played in eight years, and Bruce had a nice song about jazz plus one that he did the music for and Louis did the lyrics and it was sweet and very wistful.

And then it was home to drag Tucker outside again. Things were really popping and banging tonight and I had to keep at him just to get him to pee. I don't want him to be frightened, but honestly, he needs to relieve himself outside. Otherwise it's not healthy for any of us. We're going to have to spend another $400 at least to get the carpet cleaned again.

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