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» Friday, June 03, 2016
Standing on My Own Three Legs

So I slept until nine, had fairly nice dreams, and am still stiff and tired when I get up. Can't be the bed; it's so comfy I don't want to get up. Must be Simply Sixties.

By the time I walked the dog and ate some oatmeal it was much too late to "beat the heat" as I planned, but I went out anyway. I picked up a nice paintbox at Michael's, and then went to Best Buy to look at a tripod they had on sale. It was actually too expensive and I was seeing if they had anything less expensive. I did find one. Of course I had to traipse the store to find the cameras and the tripods. During the search I found a nice-looking stove that I would love to buy for James. It's half black enamel and half stainless steel and had a convection oven. In the stove area I also found these neat stoves with double ovens, but not a type I've seen before. They are called Flex Duo, and instead of having two doors and two small ovens, it has one large oven divided by a removable metal partition. You can either open the small top area with a special latch on the oven door, or not use the latch and open the full oven. If you have the partition in, both ovens have their own convection fan. Alas, the cheapest of them was $1,300.00. But it's sure a cool idea; if you are only baking chicken legs or lamb shanks you can just use the top.

Needed to use the bathroom, so went over to Barnes & Noble. Looked around and bought Girl Waits With Gun that one of the folks on my regular blogroll really enjoyed. Stopped at the mall to see if Cumberland's Tokyo Express has the $1.49 "skewers." Alas, no, but the samples I garnered held me over so I could go to Publix. They had the Post "Great Grains" cereal on BOGO this week, so I bought more crunchy pecan. Amazingly, got out of Publix having only spent $22. I ate one of the Chicago rolls I bought for lunch and went to Sprouts.

I love Sprouts' stuff, but they continually flummox me with some of their services. Today they had Italian wedding soup, so I wanted to get a big container for Sunday supper. They were out of large containers. They were out of medium containers. I asked at the deli if there were more large containers. They said no. "But," I said, "I wanted a large container." They looked at me like I had two heads. Is it completely inexplicable that I might want a large container of soup? Isn't that why they make it, to sell it? In the end, I had to fill four of the small containers and tell them at checkout so I could get the large container price.

But they had cherries! Lovely, lovely cherries! And I actually found a bag that did not look like pie cherries and the cherries tasted decent.

And then when I got home the internet was down. Or, rather, the router was throwing one of its fits. I have to reboot it while pressing this button on top over and over. The strange thing is, when I look up what the function of this button is, it has nothing to do with the router asking for a password, which is what the router does if I don't press the button in rhythmic progression when I reboot it. Strange.

Walked the dog. At this point it was 93°F. Even when I retreated to the shade of the trees around the retaining pond it wasn't any cooler. Came in to watch a couple of Lassie episodes, since they're finally not showing the same fifty or so episodes over and over any more, but having some Corey Stuart stories, and by then James was home.

This time it's James taking me to Panera, because he's really fallen for the Chinese Cashew salad. I had it, too, and it's still yummy, but it came up on me all evening. We had a brief retreat after I left my hat there, but then we went to Barnes & Noble so James could look around. He found a magazine with a big article on F104s, but nothing else, as there's a book he wants to save our via-mail coupons for that is being released next week. I was tempted by Social Security for Dummies, but found out a new version is coming out next week, so I'll probably save a coupon for that.

When I walked Tucker at nearly ten o'clock it was still 83! Lord, I hate summer!

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