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» Sunday, June 26, 2016
Reading and Raining

James had promised to telework today, from ten to two, which means he was up around nine to eat and then log on. I was a slugabed and lounged until 9:30 when I was chivvied out of bed by both calls of nature and calls of sensibility: needed to be at Kroger before the crowds got there. So I got up, dressed, walked Tucker—it had been 82°F when we went to bed and it was still 82 at ten o'clock, except the sun was out. Nasty thing.

Swallowed some milk, then drove to the Kroger at Battle Ridge because I don't like the way the Smyrna store makes the white sandwich buns I need to work. So I get there at eleven o'clock and they are "out" of white sandwich buns. Out? At eleven in the morning? What, did a horde of wild picnickers come through? Got some other bread, then had to ask for milk. There was no skim milk out at all. Is there some kind of problem with skim milk? This is the third time in a month I've gone to Kroger and not found any skim milk out, and twice they didn't have any at all. Weird. Anyway, picked up other junk, came home. (Had stopped at Dollar Tree before Kroger to pick up some plastic baskets for work—therefore nothing important.)

Had a sandwich instead of breakfast and puttered around the house while James did his four hours. I think he only had two calls, and none for the last hour and a half. Read the paper and pulled out the coupons, while outside the clouds built up and it got darker, and darker. Two o'clock came, James signed off, and then thunder rumbled and the heavens opened up. It was Georgia Monsoon Season again. We took the car and went to Trader Joe's anyway, and by the time we got to Powers Ferry Road it had rained itself out, at least over east Marietta.

We had two stops to make before we "caught up with Joe." We had a five-dollar-off Petco coupon which we were determined to use because Tucker's Pro Plan food is so expensive. The folks we adopted him from, Misfit Haven, were just packing up to leave. Lots of chihuahua crosses.

They had also opened a Half-Price Books just across the way in the shopping center with the Fresh Market and we hadn't yet checked it out. A lot bigger store than I expected, and with a nice variety of stock. I bought two "Reminisce" compilations, one about the 1920s and another about the 1930s, and a double pack of The Mammoth Book of Historical Whodunits and The Mammoth Book of Historical Detectives (with stories about Brother Cadfael, Sister Fidelma, etc.). James got a book from the clearance section and two games.,204,203,200_.jpgAt Trader Joe's we bought more miso broth, chicken with apple sausage, and a few other goodies before heading home, sharing a turkey wrap. Came home to read more of Martha's Vineyard: Isle of Dreams and a bit later had dinner (Sprouts' chicken soup, warmed-up leftover breadsticks from Olive Garden which we hadn't even touched yesterday, and, for dessert, a dark-chocolate "speculoos" (Biscoff cracker butter) candy bar split between the two of us. The cashier was right: the bittersweet chocolate perfectly offset the gingery filling.

Spent the evening watching the Smithsonian channel and I finished Isle of Dreams with a big smile on my face.

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