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» Saturday, June 04, 2016
Olde Fartes

James and I had breakfast this morning and drove out to Gwinnett County—the "Infinite Energy Center," if you can believe that moniker!—where they were having a "Generations" expo today. We renamed it "Olde Farte Con." Basically, that's what it was, where "boomers" and seniors could get information pertinent to getting older. A lot of the info was pertinent to people who live in Gwinnett, but there were about half "generic" booths as well. We had our grips tested, gathered innumerable pens, notepads, and other little branded gadgets, got some vacation flyers, picked up some literature on "I've fallen and I can't get up" monitoring and stair lifts, and generally wandered about from booth to booth, two of which included mortuary information. It was a little depressing, even as you know in your heart that you have to face these things.

I noticed there were a great number of fannish-looking people around as well, and it turned out there was a gaming gathering in the next assembly hall. There's a combination for you. Bet their giveaways were more happy.

When we'd arrived the sun was strong and hot, and we had to hike a bit; both shows drew a big crowd and the lot was full. As we were coming out, conversely, it was starting to rain, big fat wet drops. James put the chair into a higher speed and I followed as quickly as possible and we got the chair up on the lift and covered up with the tarp—in time for it to quit raining. Figured.

We drove back to Cobb County and had lunch at Tin Drum, and then made our way down to Bed, Bath & Beyond with three coupons expiring on Monday. We got a new shower head, which we direly need, and some Greenies for the dog, and then a bag of popcorn for a treat. But putting down the chair in the sun for James when we got to Tin Drum did me in. By the time we got home, I was sick to my stomach and had to retreat to the bathroom and then the spare room in turn.

Clay and Maggi were in town—Clay is at a training class that spans the weekend, and she had come up to join him—so they came over and we went to dinner at Giovanni's. I ate slowly and I feel a little better, but the best medicine has been getting into my lightest clothes and getting cool. The heat has just acerbated the depression, and thinking about moving offices—again!—at work is making me ill. Sometimes I just want to cry.

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