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» Sunday, June 05, 2016
Gotta Start Somewhere

Even sleeping until ten doesn't feel like enough sleep. Of course we did go to bed at two...

Instead of enjoying breakfast, James had juice and I had milk and then we went to Kroger. The weather report called for rain on and off all day. When I walked Tucker it was spitting, and it spit more as we used the car to go to Kroger. Picked up milk and bread and only a few other things.

I have a nifty app called "Flipp" that lets you look at the ad papers from the newspaper. So before we'd ever put the groceries up, I had looked through several of the ads. When James works at home, he uses the same desk I use when I telework (he bought it originally), plus a "side tray" that is supposed to be used with sofas and other living room furniture, but it is really too short; he has to crouch over it. In the Staples flyer we saw something similar that was labeled "laptop desk." I wondered if it was taller than the side trays.

There was only one way to find out. After we had the milk put up, we headed for Dallas Highway. It was still cloudy, but no longer spitting.

Alas, Staples was closed due to "technical difficulties" (probably no computers or no air conditioning). There's a Krystal next door, so we got a bite to eat, and then I turned the car's head toward Acworth—we were only twelve minutes away—for the store there.

Alas, the "laptop desk" was just as short as the "side table." However, we found a small square desk called a "laptop pedestal," on a tripod of legs, and that tripod had an adjustable center column. Problem solved. It wasn't on sale, but it did work, so, alas, "alas" is at an end.

Since we were next door to Books-a-Million, we stopped in for a frozen hot chocolate. On the way home we stopped at Michaels so I could get some paintbrushes.

Once home, we assembled the little pedestal. It's not tremendously strong, but it holds a laptop well. James also was able to log on with his work laptop after having password problems the last time he tried to telework.

For the rest of the afternoon we worked on a small decluttering project: between the two of us we had three small, very old "netbook" type computers that had not been used for years (one was eleven years old). One by one they were brought out of hiding and we factory reset them and they are in a box to donate (since they still work), although Goodwill will probably throw them away.

We had Italian wedding soup for supper and watched Aerial America for the evening. As we worked on our computer projects, it rained, clouded, sunned, clouded, rained again (including one explosive downpour right around dinnertime), clouded and cleared, and when I took Tucker out at 8:30, the sky was mostly clear and the awful stifling heat that made me so sick yesterday had cleared for a bit. Fireflies were already bumping around, and down near the retaining pond, a frog was croaking.

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