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» Sunday, May 22, 2016
Tick Off that List

James was supposed to telework today, but when he tried to log on last night with his new computer, it asked him for the VPN password. This was already on his old laptop, but not on the new unit and there was no one he could call on the weekend. So he had to get up and go to work this morning.

I don't know what was the matter, but I could not sleep last night. My left leg was jerking and twitching and I could not get comfortable. At 3 a.m. I was already exasperated about being sleepless. Only after James left, which was around seven, did I finally fall asleep to make up what I lost overnight. Except it was almost eleven when I got up and I had stuff to do.

I stripped the bed and stuffed the bedclothes in the washer, then took Tucker, his soap, a towel, and a plastic bag full of plastic bags and hustled him out in the car. He sat on the towel, as always mesmerized by the world going by in the window, his forepaws on the door armrest, and I stopped a moment to drop the recycling off at Publix, and then I took him to the dog wash. Another woman was scrubbing a big greyish floppy-eared dog in the opposite tub and we chatted to each other or talked to our respective dogs through the wash.

He practically towed me out the door when we were finished. :-)

I brought him home, put fresh bedding in his crate (finding more shredded napkins and a souvenir I brought home from Quonset Point in November and which was perfectly okay on Thursday night...grrrr), gave him his breakfast and put up the gate, and sadly, had to go out again: we had two coupons for Bed, Bath & Beyond that were expiring tomorrow. We needed Plinks and I bought more "doggie doo" bags, and, finally, a new glass for the hall bath. I have always hated that glass in there; you can't get your hand down it to scrub it properly.

Was planning to get gas at Costco, but the saving was so minimal I just skipped it. I did get some money for the week, and stopped by Panera intending to have some soup. It was so crowded I just bought two rolls instead and brought them home to have one with butter. I figured we'd be having dinner soon anyway, it was so late.

I spent the rest of the afternoon changing the bed and washing the bedclothes, cleaning out under the bed (apparently on his last foray through the unclosed gate he not only got my Quonset souvenir, but raided the wastebasket in the bathroom and shreded his bounty under the bed), washing Tucker's bedding, and re-making the bed. By then James was home. We had chicken and salad for supper while watching old black-and-white game shows on Buzzr.

And then it was time for the season finale of Call The Midwife. Needless to say, both of us were in tears, what with the death of Sister Evangelina (after she had held a baby one more time despite her paralyzed arm) and the revelation about the thalidomide. I didn't realize they still used a coach and horses for funerals back in 1961! A fitting sendoff for a formidable woman.

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