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» Sunday, May 08, 2016
The Best Gift: Sleeping Late

So did we learn anything from last weekend? No. Up till almost three, but that was because I was trying to finish Harvest of Time, a corker of a Third Doctor-and-Jo story that featured the Master and sinister invading crab-like creatures. I didn't finish it until around noon today, though. Therefore, my biggest wish on Mother's Day was sleeping late.

And, oh, goodness, was that sun bright when we got up! Another warm day, with the saving grace a nice breeze that kept it from being terrible in the sun and made it comfortable in the shade.

After a regular morning's breakfast and the walking of one of my "fids," we ran out to do errands. James' sinus infection was really bugging him, and I needed to get gasoline anyway, as Twilight's low gas warning was very persistent, so we took the car and stopped at Costco to fill up. Then I wanted to stop at Barnes & Noble just to check the clearance tables and we hit the jackpot: found two very nice gifts to put away. James and I both got containers for the drawing and colored pencils we bought as well.

We stopped briefly at Bed, Bath & Beyond to pick up two things (a new one-cup measuring cup, the old one having been dashed to bits falling off the counter, and one of those Vegetti things which James is hoping will be useful in making stir fry) using the two coupons we had, then I picked up a lunch at Tin Drum and we went on to CVS with a 30 percent off coupon to get James some Flonase. Finally we stopped at Kroger to pick up milk, yogurt, burritos and sandwich bread, along with a couple of other things on sale.

I split my Tin Drum order to share with James, but the infection has everything tasting bad to him, so he had a little bowl of soup instead and I put his portion away for a lunch for me. Then got things ready for work: sorted my pills for the week, put out my clothes, packed my wallet back into my work bag, put out a hair towel, then made the bed.

I spent the end of the afternoon with my nose stuck in the MASH FAQ, which starts with a pocket history of the Korean War and then a history of the novel. By the end of the night I was just getting to the television series. Many typos (but, amusingly, there is a comma correction inserted directly in the margin of one page!), but lots of revelations, like how Robert Altman livened up Ring Lardner's movie script, how Richard Hornberger (the real name of the novel's author, Richard Hooker) hated the television series, etc.

In the meantime had Wild Wild West on on Heroes & Icons, followed by the news, AFV, Call the Midwife, and then back to Heroes & Icons for Hill Street Blues, and ate the Sprouts chicken soup with its thick noodles, big chunks of chicken, and bright carrots for supper.

Sigh. Took Tucker out for his night walk and there are lurking mosquitoes already. Have I mentioned today how much I hate summer?

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