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» Monday, May 30, 2016
Taking It Easy

That makes me so mad. Two nights in a row, I slept like a rock, but had to be awakened before I could get eight hours sleep because we needed to be up for the convention. Last night and this morning, when I had many hours I could sleep? You guessed it! First I seem to have gotten Clay's complaint, then I was too warm, then I had to go back to the bathroom...grrrr! So we were up a lot later than we expected.

First we stopped at CVS, with a great 30 percent off everything coupon. James got saline solution, BreatheRights, and Flonase.

James had really taken a shine to that Chinese Cashew salad, so next we went back to Panera for lunch and we both had a "pick two" with chicken noodle soup and the salad. I didn't quite love it the way he did (I'd prefer it without pineapple), but it really is good, with lots of crunchings, slices of chicken, and a nice dressing. I certainly wouldn't complain if I had to eat it again!

Following was a stop at Barnes & Noble. Right off the bat I found a hardback Longmire novel on the remainder cart. Then, with my coupon, I got Eye of the Beholder: Johannes Vermeer, Antoni van Leeuwenoek, and the Reinvention of Seeing because it really sounds interesting—especially the bridge between painter and scientist. James got a few magazines, Glenn Beck's Dreamers and Deceivers from the remainder pile, and a book about how to fix everything with his coupon.

Our last stop was Kroger, for the missing milk. We went to the Vinings Kroger, and they still didn't have any gallons of skim milk. Thankfully the half gallons were of equivalent price, so we got four and headed home. Unfortunately, four half gallons do not fit in the space of two gallons, and we had to find a place for the fourth jug.

James grilled a yummy steak we had found on the managers special shelf for supper, and we had ice cream for dessert. Fireworks started popping outside, but luckily they were over with by the time I had to take Tucker outside, or I would have had to drag him down the stairs.

For hundreds of years, men and women have given their lives so we could live our own lives in peace, so we could grumble at the market and rejoice at the bookstore and eat whatever we please. Our thanks, ladies and gentlemen, for the gift of freedom. Thank you today and every day.

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