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» Friday, May 20, 2016
Sleep and Other Important Things

Today actually began last night.

James has been having some trouble sleeping for a while and we have been wondering if it is his C-PAP machine. Accordingly, the doctor had ordered a new sleep study; he hadn't had one since his first in 1991 and they're supposed to be given periodically. He had one instance where they sent him home with a machine that was supposed to record his sleep, but it was a disaster: it was noisy and it didn't work properly, so James kept waking up. Anyway, there were two places James could take the test, and he asked to go to the one closer to our house.

There are other confusing geographical things about the Atlanta metro area than around two-dozen streets named Peachtree. One is that there is a town on the west side, Lithia Springs, and there is a town on the east side named Lithonia. James thought the test was in Lithia Springs, and we didn't realize it wasn't until I started to program the GPS on his phone while he ate supper. So he had two hours to eat, pack his stuff, take a shower, and drive all the way out to Lithonia (which, if the traffic reports were correct, was at least 45 minutes out, and that was if a accident didn't happen in the interim).

So, yeah, it was crazy for awhile, and then he was still late, because the GPS on his phone blatted out and he had to use the GPS in the truck, which directed him through Covington Highway rather than I-20, even though there was an accident on Covington Highway (at Young Street, ironically). Thanks heaps, Garmin. Plus he was so in a rush that he forgot his phone in the truck, so we couldn't say good night before they wired him up and sent him off to bed. The nurse did call to let me know he got there safely.

Me, I cut out the coupons, gathered the trash, cleaned out Snowy's cage, and put the trash can at the curb, then spent the rest of the night watching Get Smart after seeing "The Groovy Guru" on Decades. Tucker, who usually harasses me from 9 p.m. onward to go outside, curled up unhappily on his blanket and looked grieved.

I slept fitfully, and finally awoke around seven to totter into the bathroom. As I tottered back, the garage door opened. I went back to bed, and a few minutes later James came into the bedroom, pulled off his clothes, and crawled into bed. We went back to sleep until 9:30.

This morning we treated ourselves to breakfast at Douceur de France. This is a lovely patisserie that used to be in an old house, but which is now on the main street outside of downtown Marietta. We hadn't been there since we took Shari for breakfast the weekend of Juanita and David's wedding. We ended up having lunch since it was almost eleven anyway. James had a chicken pot pie which was made in a croissant instead of a crust, and I had chicken salad and goat cheese on crispy toasted wheat bread on a bed of salad. Excellent. For dessert we had a "black panther": a chocolate brownie in the shape of a ladyfinger with a chocolate truffle filling. Equally yum.

By the time we left, it was raining. The weather today has been totally uncharacteristic for May in Georgia—who would think of it not even being 70°F in May? This morning when I took Tucker for his walk, there was a faint whiff of brine in the chill breeze coming from the south, and on the news they mentioned wind coming in from the Atlantic, with the sky a stolid silver grey. The rain continued off and on as we did our errands: a stop at Hobbytown for James to pick up a model, another at JoAnn where I picked up drawing pencils, metallics, and magnets, then a stop at Publix for twofers, and finally Walmart. James needed pocket t-shirts, I wanted another pair of shorts, and he needed new car mats and a new tarp, as somewhere on the way home from the sleep clinic he lost the one over the power chair. He hadn't gotten much sleep during the test and probably didn't tie the rope tight enough this morning.

Which is probably why when we got home, I gave Tucker his afternoon walk while James put the groceries up, and then we both crawled back into bed until 5:30. Had some "German chicken soup" James bought at Bernhard's Bakery (it had potato in it and was herbed in a tasty manner) for supper and some chocolate loaf cake for dessert, and I spent the evening watching the last three Elementary episodes of the season. I wasn't totally thrilled with the Morland Holmes plotline taking over the stories this year; the machinations in the final three just about made my head spin. Good work from all the principals, though. Hopefully back to some nice juicy mysteries next season.

Finished up by watching NYPD Blue on Heroes & Icons.

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