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» Friday, May 06, 2016

I had a nice tidy pile of coupons this morning and a route worked out in my head. I walked the dog, but didn't bother to eat breakfast, figuring I would have lunch in an hour or two. Well, that was the plan, anyway. In the end I had a very successful day, having found several clearance sales that added several items to my gift stash (items, of course, that will not be mentioned here).

I worked through the first two stores pretty quickly. I had JoAnn coupons and bought some new drawing pens. At Michaels I bought calligraphy pens in different colors. Then I cut under the freeway to check out the Hallmark store near Barnes & Noble. Unfortunately they didn't have the sign I had seen at the Dallas Highway store, but I found a Marjolean Bastian coloring book on sale. It flipped opened for me and I was sold by the chickadees on the bird feeder. :-)

I stopped at Publix to get the few twofers for this week, some cranberry juice for James, and a baguette to stop the "rumblies in my tumblies" until I could get on to lunch. From there I stopped at Barnes & Noble to use the rest of my coupons. I got the newest Sarah Brandt mystery in paperback, as well as the newest Molly Murphy, and also found a new Elementary novel! Found some goodies on the remainder table, including one about fonts.

By now I was ready for lunch and thought I'd drop in on the Tin Drum across the street. Surprise! it's gone! Must have been the competition from the noodle place. I toyed with going down to Akers Mill on the way home and decided I didn't want to go that far out of my way and jockey with the traffic.

It was on my route, however, so I did go back to the Hallmark on Dallas Highway and got the cute sign I liked so much last weekend, using some Gold Crown rewards coupons: "Because it makes me happy. Next question." I want to mount it over the library door. :-)

Came home, put up the soup I'd bought at Publix, then gave Tucker a nice walk around the neighborhood. It's been so nice today that it makes me want to weep that it's going to be in the 80s by Sunday: mid-sixties with a delightful breeze. I let Tucker out on the deck and he stayed out happily all afternoon.

Put things up and watched all but the last episode of Sleepy Hollow. Really was bummed by the news that they killed Abbie off. I'm sorry to hear that Nicole Beharie felt she was being marginalized by the storyline in season two. I thought they just had to take the Katrina and Henry storylines to their logical conclusions, thought I do admit Katrina got to be a nuisance after a while. She was a powerful enough witch that she managed to keep Ichabod in "suspended animation" for over two hundred years, but she always needed bailing out. Apparently that's why they introduced all the new characters this year, because Nicole was planning to leave. I was never an "Ichabbie" shipper; I liked the fact that they were close friends rather than doing the love thing (it was lucky it worked out for Castle, at least until this lousy season). But they did have great chemistry together. If the show goes on, how will they replace that?

James arrived home after cooling his heels at Kaiser for a half hour waiting on prescriptions and we just had our chicken and wild rice soup (Publix's chicken and wild rice is so thick I had to thin it out with chicken broth; it's practically a stew) for supper and watched television (the "Made In America" segment of Aerial America and Hill Street Blues on the Heroes & Icons channel).

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