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» Friday, April 22, 2016
Rainstorms Are Go!

Now I know I was tired this morning: I was nearly an hour sleeping through or ignoring "Gladys" telling me it was "time to get up."

I arose to a grey morning. James had gone into work simply because the weather report said it would be raining in the late morning and early afternoon, but not touch commuting time. It was not yet raining when I finally walked Tucker, but it had begun by the time I backed out of the driveway to head on my errands. I started at Lowes, where I checked out LED lightbulbs and stoves, then bought an electrical timer and some hardware to put additional support on the shelves in "the Christmas closet."

I didn't want to, but I stopped at Walmart for some underwear I needed and bought a couple of flowered tank tops on clearance. As always at Walmart there are a dozen people waiting and only two lines open. Why in the heck do they bother having twenty checkout counters if they never have them open?

Then it was off to Sprouts. The bad news: here it was Friday and no clam chowder. The good news: they had chicken and dumplings instead. Score! Sunday night supper! Got other sale goodies: grapes, a green pepper, cucumbers, and beef bits. I popped this in the insulated bag and went across the street to Publix for Those Damn Bananas, a few yogurts, and the twofers. Really bummed as Kraft has quit selling Asian sesame dressing and apparently so has Wishbone. I didn't see any Asian dressings at all except in the expensive varieties. [Just went on Kraft's website and they say both Publix and Walmart carry it. Haven't seen it in Publix.]

On the way home, dropped my old Samsung tablet in the mail to Gazelle. Barnes & Noble had their Galaxy Tab 4 10 inch units on a super clearance (the new units are 9.7") and I bought one last week. The old tab had become very slow to respond. Gazelle will give me Amazon credit, which suits me.

It had rained and drizzled and dripped the whole time I was out, so naturally it started to clear up the moment I got home, which was when I realized I forgot to pick up yellow rice as our side dish for Hair Day. Dammit. Now I had to go out again. But before that, I ate my lunch, which was absolutely essential since I never had breakfast. I had eaten the two leftover chicken cacciatore drumsticks for supper last night and saved a sandwich-portion of meat plus the sauce. I cut off a nice hunk of the baguette I got from Publix, spooned warmed chicken meat on one half and zooped the other half in the remainder of the sauce, and didn't I have a feast!

As I was picking up to go back out, James called. He'd been looking at the weather and apparently there was another bout of weather coming in around the time he'd be coming home. He was going to finish the workday at home. So I headed to Kroger; picked up the yellow rice, plus got James more burritos. I'm going to have to go out again to use the Sav-a-Lot coupon we have, but I had no idea if they had those specific burritos (we know Publix doesn't carry them), so I got them at Kroger.

Three grocery stores in one day is two too many. (Heck, it's three too many as far as I'm concerned.)

James tried to work when he got home, but every time he answered a call, he came disconnected from the network at work. He tried to reconnect four times, then gave up and called his supervisor, who told him to just take the rest of the day off. We ended up watching the new Thunderbirds series, Thunderbirds are Go, which is running on Amazon Prime. This isn't a marionette series like the original, but CGI. We both actually liked it, unlike that "reboot" movie they did a few years ago where the youngest, Alan, was a snot-nosed resentful teenager.

They have updated the story some. Jeff Tracy is, in this version, missing in action, apparently killed (?) by their archenemy, the Hood. The five sons are running International Rescue quite well, in their same roles (Scott with Thunderbird 1, etc.). Grandma has gone from a doddering sweetie to a tart-tongued bad cook (having to eat her bad cooking is a running gag). While Kyrano the Asian cook is gone, his daughter remains, but instead of being called Tintin, her name is Tanusha, but they all call her "Kayo," and she is part of the team. The Hood is still (secretly) her uncle. Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward is still their London agent, but instead of being simply a swanky socialite, she is also a celebrity with a famous little dog (a pug named Scarlet), kind of like Paris Hilton. Parker is still her chauffeur and also talented burglar/thief/safecracker, and, in a neat touch to the old series, is still voiced by David Graham. Jeff Tracy's old Thunderbirds countdown is used in the opening as well. Also, Brains is now of Indian ancestry, something that seems to have caused a flap on some discussion groups I saw. Honestly, why is this a problem? He's still brilliant, still has a bit of a stammer, still has those plastic-framed glasses. The same people were complaining because Tintin wasn't there. Sheesh. In the original series Tintin is just Kyrano's daughter and someone for Alan to moon over. She never really did anything but look pretty. Kayo's much neater. Not sure why they didn't keep the name Tintin; maybe it was because of the Herge character.

(Now hopefully in the new series John can come out of that space station once in a while. Poor guy must be stir-crazy.)

We watched about four of the stories and then went to dinner at the West Cobb Diner, then went to Barnes & Noble on Dallas Highway for a while, and finally came by Baskin-Robbins for dessert. Saw an absolutely fabulous sunset with a clear line of purple at the horizon; does this mean Prince has made it up to the clouds?

And then I walked Tucker so I could finally sit down for a while. About ten o'clock, the weather that was supposed to cause James trouble with commuting came roaring in, clattering on the chimney cap and roaring up the street. Although I had seen lightning in the north when walking the dog, there was no thunder at all.

[Okay, I gotta agree with the British newspaper that said the photo of the Tracy guys lined up (above) makes 'em look like a boy band. Yeah, figured they had to make them "pretty." But, really, the stories aren't bad, and at least it's not that horrible squeaky-voiced animation you see on every single kids' series these days. I came home on Friday to find Snowy watching one of these awful "educational" things on WXIA. I'd almost rather have him watch Dr. Phil (and the Mutants).]

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