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» Sunday, April 24, 2016
Forecast: Busy, Followed by a Period of Calm

Boy, I didn't want to get up this morning, especially after being awakened by James' alarm. He had to work today, but did have permission to work at home.

I finally struggled up after 9:30, got dressed, walked the dog, and then struggled fruitlessly for a half-hour looking for the Sav-a-Lot coupon before remembering I left it in the car so I wouldn't have to look for it today. I guess I did need more sleep.

I managed to zoom through the store and get home in 45 minutes, and no, I didn't speed either way. It's not a big store. It's kinda like an Aldi, really, with store brands along with a few national brands. I got bottom round beefsteak, boneless pork chops, two gallons of milk, two bottles of juice, tomatoes, bologna, and three bottles of shampoo, just enough to end up over $30. Had $10 off $30. Score.

Put everything up, grabbed my Civita bag (basically a little backpack), donned my hat, and went off to the Jonquil Festival, apparently bagging the last parking space behind the library. Walked around, saw all the booths, sampled the dips, admired the jewelry. Bought some buttons from The Button Girl, a bottle of blackberry honey, and an old kids' book about a girl who becomes a pony trainer from the library sale (sort of short commons this year), and spent about my limit of time in the sun (a few minutes over an hour).

Came home to put cooler clothing on, had a peanut butter and blackberry honey sandwich, and settled down to read a new Hamilton Books catalog and the rest of my Beginner's Guide to Photography. It was a nice slow afternoon, which was good for me and bad for James, least he was at home. :-)

The chicken and dumplings made a yummy supper, then we had America's Funniest Home Videos, then Call the Midwife (with an affecting story about another thalidomide birth and Trixie finally "making things right").

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