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» Saturday, April 30, 2016

We both awoke a little past eight, without being artificially roused (unless a bladder alarm can be considered artificial), and found more sleep was not forthcoming. So we rose and I gave Tucker a good walk, then we set off for Sam's Club after picking up some breakfast at Burger King. I found out if you order their oatmeal "plain" it does come pre-sweetened, but with no fake fruit on top, which suits me just fine. It was already very warm by the time we set off, but at least not raining. Came via the Cobb County Civic Center, which finally seems to be finished after being remodeled for what seemed like a century.

We did a sweep of Sam's, enjoying some of the electronics and the books before getting down to serious shopping. Goodness, you should have seen the rows and rows of adult coloring books in the book department! We bought fixings for a chicken salad tomorrow night, milk, onions, Skinny Pop, packets of peanuts for low-cal snacks, and Chex Mix. On the way home we stopped at Bernhard's Bakery and bought a couple of desserts each for next week (Florentines for me, of course) and I also bought a nice little bun.

Brought it all home, put it all up, then took up our tablets and headed out again, having decided to have our big meal at noon rather than tonight, and drove up to Acworth and the Longhorn next to Books-a-Million. We both had a Renegade and a salad instead of a potato side, and when our steaks were finished, we both eyed that nice savory juice left in each plate and had the same thought: grab a slice of the multigrain loaf and "zoop" up the juice! A perfect coda to the meal—yum!

I "drove" the power chair over to Books-a-Million while James moved the truck so we didn't have to mess with the lift. Did it on the "4" setting...wheeeee! Had to watch out when crossing the "street" between the Longhorn parking lot and the rest of the lot, but otherwise had no problems. Then we spent an hour or so perusing the books. James picked up Ready Player One, which he's reading for a panel he's doing at DragonCon, and I spied a new FAQ book on M*A*S*H which just came out Tuesday. I thought I might save it to buy with a Barnes & Noble coupon, so looked up online to see if any of the stores had it and couldn't find it! So I bought it there. (Found out later B&N has it listed under M.A.S.H. FAQ, not MASH FAQ as on the cover, and that's why I couldn't find it.) It covers the original book, the sequels, the film, the television series, and the sequels.

James stayed in the truck while I ran into the Super Target to see if they had any of the Litehouse "Salad" sprinkles that we had to go out to Hiram to find last time. These are small minced bits of garlic, shallot, onion, parsley, chives, and dill. I like to use them when we have chicken and James has used them on pork as well. I bagged two and then we were off across the street to Michael's with our coupons. James bought some colored pencils and I bought a new embroidery scissors as it appears I have lost my good one. ☹

We wandered over to the Petsmart next door just for a few minutes where they were just finishing up doing pet adoptions. There was the cutest little chihuahua/rat terrier cross in a brindle color. If we had been dogless, I would have seriously considered taking him home. Yow! Adoption fee for this outfit is $300! There was also an adorable brown shorthaired puppy next to him, large-footed but not gigantic. Looked like he might have grown up Leia-sized. Hope they find someone to love them.

I had a Hallmark coupon expiring today, so we looked up the nearest store and were amazed to find out it was the one on Dallas Highway, which at least was on the way home. James stayed in the truck and I went in, looked around, and picked out a nice Mother's Day card. The print copy Dreambook was out and I grabbed one of those as well. I found the digital one online earlier in the week and they had one ornament that sent me down memory lane: a little two-keyboard organ just like the one we had in fifth grade, with stops instead of programmed buttons. I'm going to have to get it! Some cute ones. This year's planes are a Lockheed Vega and an F-16, which interest James, of course!

And since we were going past it anyway, we stopped at Publix to finish the grocery shopping: we got twofers on chicken thighs, granola bars, couscous mixes, instant oatmeal; got more rice and noodle mixes, including mushroom, because it goes with anything; and two more packs of Brawny paper towels since they were on sale. Now tomorrow we can "play" (we're planning to go into Buckhead) with a clear conscience.

Took a while to put that all up, but then I could get into a blessedly cool tank top and shorts and checked out the two used books I'd bought online, Francis X. Weiser's Easter Book, which previously I had not seen for less than $50 (this was only about $4) and 1001 Christmas Facts and Fancies. I figure I can read the Weiser book now since Easter really isn't over until Pentecost. ☺When suppertime rolled around I took the bun from the bakery, put some butter on it, and had it with a glass of milk, and later munched on some Triscuits. That will keep me. Watched Rosemary and Thyme (the one with the adorable three-legged dog), Father Brown, an episode each of Rick Steves' Europe and This Old House, then the second part of Royal Cousins at War before I got tired of the idiot box yapping and put some music on instead.

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