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» Saturday, April 23, 2016
"Everyone Needs Some Friends Along the Way and We'll Have One Another..."

It was Hair Day, so we were roused from bed by "Gladys" once again. I walked Tucker and then we gathered the container of yellow rice and were off. It was a pretty day, sunny and blue, and at this point still cool.

It was a lovely morning and lunch. Terica and Juanita and I started out the morning discussing retirement as we nibbled on apples and cheese. Lin showed us some cool artwork they bought at Treklanta last weekend. Pat told us about Alex's adventures: he's having to substitute for the striking Verizon workers and is in the Bronx climbing telephone poles after having a quick training course! (Ordinarily he's a computer programmer.) For lunch Phyllis made barbecued lamb. Oh, gosh, what a feast. We also had yellow rice, garlic potatoes, homemade mac and cheese, and fruit, and Lin's Asian salad, which is made with bok choy, almonds, mandarin oranges, and toasted ramen noodles, and other yummy things. I told her they could make that the main course any time and I would be happy! (Actually, it wouldn't be a bad meal with some sliced roasted chicken thigh in it.)

We left about two (with a brief stop at Kroger for me to grab sandwich buns for work and low-carb ice cream for James) hoping to get to the Spring Jonquil Festival—we thought about going there before attending Hair Day, but we would have had to rush, and would have missed all the early chat—but the crowds were enormous: we barely could get up the road going toward the community center/library because people were parked on one side of the street and it wasn't wide enough for two lanes of moving traffic. We couldn't even get near the library to see if the handicapped parking spaces were available and there was no parking available in the far lot behind the church; everywhere else was so far away that by the time I'd hiked it I would have been little disposed to then walking around (James just needed to ride it out in the chair). If it had still been cold, I might not have minded the hike, but by that time it was in the high seventies and the sun very strong.

Instead we went to Hobby Lobby, where I found some items to use for a gift, and James bought a leather punch for his belt. His appetite has been so bad due to his sinus infection and that medicine he had late last year that he has lost a bunch of weight and run out of holes on his belt! When we got home and after I walked the dog I could finally look through my books that had arrived earlier. I put in an order mainly to get some gift books to put away (there's five taken care of), but of course ordered a few for me since they were so inexpensive: one on Orson Welles' War of the Worlds broadcast, one about the development of American English, a new fiction collection of Sherlock Holmes stories, and a beautiful book about Britain during the Great War, as told through British magazines of the time. This was originally valued at £25 and I got it for $5. I love Hamilton Books! (I wish I could find a book about the American WWI homefront like this.) Also bought a book of cross-stitch card designs.

By the time we got home, it was suppertime, but we were still quite full and didn't eat until several hours later, after James had cleaned out a cupboard looking for some soup and I walked Tucker and did a backup on my hard drive. I settled for some bread and butter later on with a side of milk, and some pretzels for a snack. James had some soup, having identified which can he wanted to eat! Watched Father Brown, Rosemary & Thyme, "the crazy lady" as my mom used to call Hyacinth Bucket, and a As Time Goes By I had never seen!

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