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» Friday, April 01, 2016
Elementary Actions

Well, 221B Con weekend has finally arrived. I celebrated it first by sleeping late, although I hadn't intended to. I slept badly after going to bed hungry, woke up with a headache, and then the alarm on my phone went off so softly that I managed to not hear it.

James was working at home due to the rain, so I wandered about tidying up. Spent about a half hour shredding old bills, and actually found something I was looking for, but alas, not what I really wanted to find. I gave Tucker one long last walk, then left about 1:15. Had lunch at Tin Drum instead of Panera because when I was hungry last night all I was fantasizing about was a teriyaki bowl. I actually had the Peking Short Rib Noodles for lunch because I had some bread with me. If I thought the Akers Mill restaurant serving of this was spicy, it wasn't a patch on Perimeter's! I managed to get through it between the cold water and the bread. I got the teriyaki bowl to go and ate it for supper.

Next I stopped at the Container Store to pick up a few little things, and then went into Barnes & Noble mainly to use the bathroom, but to also to check out any new magazines. They had clearance items, but nothing all that appealing.

I was back at the hotel at 3:30 for registration. This went fairly quickly, so I checked out the charity auction items, scoped out the meeting rooms, said hi to John Campbell, Naaman Taylor, and Anthony Taylor (no relation), then rode up to the con suite to nosh on a few Goldfish. They had a table full of freebies. Took a rubber brain eraser, some Sherlock Holmes "paper dolls," and a book of commentary on A Study in Scarlet.

Went to five panels this evening: "Alternate Universe and Crossover" (in fanfiction of course). There are so many variations these days, like Fusion. And there's such a thing as Tunalock. A whole set of fanfiction where Sherlock is a fish. I looked at it and it's actually well-written. Just quirky.

The next panel was devoted to little Wishbone, due to the two Sherlock stories that had been done on the show. We chatted about different episodes and would we like to see the series back, and what stories could they do.

The next panel was supposed to talk about turning traditional Sherlock fans on to the newer aspects of fandom. I think we decided they didn't need it. More Sherlock Holmes fans are...more Sherlock Holmes fans. It turned out the newer fans wanted to know about the older rituals of the traditional fans!

The penultimate panel was a discussion of the Sherlock Christmas special "The Abominable Bride," which I really enjoyed, but now I'm going to have to watch it again because they pointed out more parallels and inside jokes I completely missed.

The last panel was "Fandom Generations" wherein the older fans on the panel (and those creaky old buggers like me in the audience) talked about the good ol' days...before the internet, before VCRs ("Remember recording shows on cassette tape?" I chirped, and they certainly did), back in the days of mimeo. There were some very funny recollections about MediaWest Con. Wish I'd gotten to go to more than one! :-)

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