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» Sunday, April 10, 2016
A Last Turn Before The Twilight Zone

Since Monday and especially Tuesday are going to be stressful, I wanted to chill out today after I finished going to Kroger. I just wish I'd slept better. I didn't understand why I hadn't slept properly until I realized I forgot to take my pills last night. This explains why my heart was so jumpy when I got up.

After breakfast and the morning dog walk, I went to Kroger. It was chilly this morning, a jacket day to start, and I had a hat on when I took Tucker out, but by the time I got to Kroger just the jacket sufficed. I got the usual things—bread, milk, burritos, Those Damn Bananas—plus the stuff I needed for tomorrow: juice and Crystal Light to put into the "antifreeze." Once that was finished, I could go and have some fun, so of course I went to the bookstore. Picked up something I was looking for, plus a fat cross-stitch magazine compilation with a beautiful owl pattern in it, a Sherlock Holmes book off the remainder shelves, and, with a coupon, The Twilight Zone FAQ. Didn't even know this was out. Made note of a new book about the daily life of a NYC police officer, a real NYPD Blue, as it were.

Checked in Toys'R'Us for a few minutes (not much to be found there), then ate a teriyaki bowl with steak at Tin Drum. This is my last meat until Tuesday night. Arrived home after noon, intending to put the groceries away and then do a little cleaning. Instead spent most of the afternoon chatting with Jerry about our router problems.

Just had rice and soup for supper and finished Alex Bellos' The Grapes of Math. The news was followed by 10 Homes That Changed America and a three-hanky episode of Call the Midwife (which I thought was a bit manipulative). I will miss Sister Evangelina; she was my favorite of the nuns. Finally, there was the "two-hour event" Elementary, in which Joan meets someone she didn't know existed. Unfortunately this didn't end until 11:30, probably due to some ridiculous sports event that pushed everything back a half hour, so we were very late going to bed.

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