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» Thursday, March 17, 2016
Shod Once More

I am wearing socks again.

Not to mention shoes.

This is a personal victory, because until Wednesday I was unable to do the former, and till this morning, the latter. I ended up teleworking Monday through Wednesday but could only stand socks about seven hours before my ankles and feet were swallowed in tremendous itching and I had to shower or at least rinse them off. I tried the lotion again and it was similarly ineffective. However, Id did work through all three days without having to collapse in exhaustion at noon, although I did take naps at lunch, and, at least once, till James came home.

We are away for a long weekend and I hope with ten more doses of doxycycline in my system I will be able to put in an appearance at the workplace on Monday. (I sure hope my car starts. It hasn't been started for a week.) My ankles are still swollen and my feet still hurt, but I still need the shoe inserts. Hopefully by next weekend I will feel well enough to hike across the mall to Footlocker. Or maybe I should order them from Amazon. Dunno. The doctor still never told me if I was supposed to get full inserts or the 3/4.

I didn't sleep well last night—I know I spiked a fever because I had chills when I got into bed and then later woke up feeling like Daniel in the fiery furnace. And my hands are swollen so they feel like sausages when I make a fist and still hurt: feel bruised and lumpy and have sore spots, and that kept waking me up. Luckily we had packed when we were putting the laundry up on Tuesday and only had to figure out how to get Snowy's cage into a big garbage bag for the trip to the vet. Mr. Vampire Budgie rode in high style in his carry box in my left arm and Nature Boy, whining because I wouldn't roll down the passenger side window, rode perched on my right thigh all the way to Dunwoody and the vet.

Then it was finally time to get something to eat (sandwiches and lemonade from Dunkin Donuts) and then the trip up to Helen in the North Georgia Mountains. Spring is definitely sprung while I have been cooped up inside looking like a measles case: all the Bradford pear trees are big white cottony balls, and the forsythia and the flowering plums and cherries and even some azalea peeping here and there, and jaunty daffodils bobbing their heads. It was a sunny, hot day, so I had to stay swathed in a shirt and my big-brimmed new hat from Costco since the doxycycline makes me even more sensitive to sun than usual.

We reached the hotel before anyone else and some supremely kind person had left the air conditioner on. So I took a nap for an hour.

Unfortunately we also discovered James had left the power cord to the C-PAP machine home. So we went to rustle him up something to clear his sinuses, but it's going to be rather a tough night, or rather weekend, since it's nearly a two hour drive home one way. It's not like the machine is working all that well these days anyway. He's supposed to arrange for a new sleep study, but Kaiser has partnered with a new sleep center and they are damn near impossible to reach. When I got to them two weeks ago, the man there said they had basically given him a job that used to be done by six separate people, but we would get a call back in a week to arrange an appointment in May. Guess who never called back. Needless to say, these folks are already on my Naughty List.

Had dinner at Paul's. Wasn't that impressed by the food, but the company was great. Several people had all-you-can-eat crab. It looked so good, but I would have only wanted a little. Too much crab bothers me and I can't predict  how it would react with the doxycycline. The last time I ate crab in Helen I ended up with hives, but that was right after my surgery.

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