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» Saturday, March 26, 2016
Everybody Needs Friends

I hate my alarm.

But it was the only way to get to Hair Day on time. I dressed and took Tucker for his walk, while James decanted the teriyaki chicken (much less than I expected; they've made the packages smaller again) and cooked it up with mushrooms and onions and extra teriyaki sauce. Then we were off.

Great time today. We got to see the Butlers' new kitchen floor (laminate wood) that they got at such a cost (having their kitchen jackhammered up because bad pipes were used in their plumbing; it was that stuff that was recalled from the 1980s) and helped Lin pick out a color for an accent wall. I had my hair trimmed for the year. We got to see Juanita's new car, a beautiful cadet-blue Honda Pilot. Andrew brought some handcrafted items, one which we bought as a Christmas gift. We discussed the wedding last week and Mel and Phyllis' upcoming 50th anniversary. And there was a nice spread: potato salad, cole slaw, two fruit plates, a relish plate, and Lin's always delectable cheese balls. And the chicken lasted, too.

We didn't leave until after three. James was feeling a bit dauncy, but we wanted to get him a new carbinator at Bed, Bath & Beyond and we had a $10 off Petsmart coupon that expired tomorrow. Alas, he'd forgotten the old carbinator to trade in. We did have ice cream at Bruster's and got dog food (and bird seed, and millet, and treats for the dog). Once we got home, James just seemed to lose all energy and was cold. He put on a flannel shirt and after he called his mom to wish her a happy birthday, we huddled over the television (well, he did until he fell asleep). I finished one book and continued another.

Later we watched Alaska State Troopers and he had an omelet and I had toast and cereal.

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