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» Friday, March 25, 2016
Contemplation to Commotion

I slept in this morning, to a luxurious nine a.m., without it being due to sickness. It's so nice to turn over in bed and not have to worry about where I can put my hands because they hurt so much, or tuck them under me again. (Not to mention it's good to be in a 3-fan bedroom again, thanks to a timely delivery from Bed, Bath & Beyond, since fans aren't out in the stores yet.) Or to turn over in bed and not have my elbows hurt. Or to not have my hands hurt when I brush my hair, or handle the dog's leash, or open the door...

Of course sleeping late meant I didn't have time to do much before noon. I ate a good breakfast, took my steroid, and cleaned off the coffee table and emptied half the dishwasher before it was time for my three hours of Good Friday meditation. Mom used to do this in her own way when I was little. Of course I knew the Bible story that Jesus died at noon and for three hours the world was in darkness. She asked me to be quiet and play nicely or read, and she would shut off the television (and miss her "stories") and say her rosary instead. In the past few years I have done something similar in contemplation. First I read the Mass readings for the day: both epistles and the gospel and the antiphon, and then the reflection that is included with it.

For the past six weeks I have been recording the BBC Lent Talks. Each year they do these 13 1/2 minute radio talks. There is a different theme each year; for instance, last year's theme was "performance." This year''s theme was "Lent in the Landscape," and the episodes were "The Wilderness," "The City," "The Dining Hall," "The Garden," "The Execution" (at the Tower of London), and finally "The Tomb."

Finally I put on instrumental Christmas music and finished reading Walking the Bible, which I've greatly enjoyed. The author is so descriptive in every setting, and I enjoyed the talks with the different faiths about the Bible and the journey in Exodus. I am always sad whe this quiet three hours is over.

While I was listening to the talks I sewed up something that needed repair and wrote out, however late, some Easter cards (of course the mail carrier was early today), and when I was finished it was time to make the bed and get dressed and wait for James.

We had a busy evening: went to Tin Drum for supper, then hit Barnes & Noble. James bought two different games with the coupons he got in the mail, and I bought a remainder book. Then we went to Costco to get the fixings for our Hair Day contribution tomorrow, only to discover that Costco didn't carry what we wanted anymore. We did get milk, and yay, Prilosec was on sale!

Then we had to go to Publix to pick up what we could have gotten at Costco for less money [sigh...], but it was good that we went because I finished all the shopping (Those Damn Bananas, sandwich bread, and yogurt), plus lamb, mixed veggies, and other goodies and now we don't have to go to Kroger. Anything that keeps me out of yet another supermarket makes me happy. Putting up all those groceries does not, but now maybe we can go see Zootopia on Sunday, since it's going to rain most of the day anyway.

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