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» Friday, February 12, 2016
Skipping Through Retail

Spent today getting some errands done. Headed to Walmart first to buy more birdseed for the feeders, then took the bags directly home so I could fill them. It would be almost into the 60s today (and it was; I had to discard my jacket about 10:30 because it was just too warm), but the temps are supposed to be very cold over the weekend.

The rest of the early afternoon I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond to buy one of those car canes; James thought it might come in handy when he rides in the car. Depressing: the grilling stuff is out already. This means the Atlanta Pollen Festival can't be far behind. I didn't spend much time browsing anywhere at all—hit Michaels with a coupon to buy some new flowers for the porch since the summer sun has done a number on the basket I've used the past two years; the flowers were on sale and so was the container, so I used the coupon for floral foam, and then trotted around JoAnn to get some "ingredients" for gifts—but I admit I did duck into Best Buy to look at the Surface Pro 4 tablets. Mighty nice, and I love the pen.

My last stop was at Barnes & Noble to pick up the latest "book collector" mystery with a coupon. Found a cross-stitch magazine with a budgie pattern and the new "The Simple Things," too.

Came home for a very late lunch, some tidying up, and of course another walk of the dog as a sequel to this morning's stroll. We had supper at Uncle Maddio's Pizza Joint and then, because James is making cornbread to go along with lunch for hair day tomorrow, we finished up the shopping—thank God that's done!—and came home.

For the first time in a long time, we watched Hawaii Five-0 "live" rather than via the DVR. Lord, it's painful watching anything with commercials any longer. There are so many breaks and so many ads in each break, and most of them are dull as ditchwater. They make the hour go by sooooooooooo slowlyyyyyyyyyy.

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