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» Sunday, February 07, 2016
Out of This World

Up much too late watching The Man from U.N.C.L.E. The last one we saw was about a serum that THRUSH steals that makes people heal rapidly from wounds and enhances their physical abilities. A race car driver is shot and then the next day is miraculously recovered. I never watched this series much when it was on originally, even when David McCallum was all over "Tiger Beat." I was interested to see that the women were much less stereotypical on this series than on other 1960s series, where Jim West could bat his eyes and the young woman villain would give up her evil life, etc. Oh, compared to today there were sexist elements like women as eye-candy, but they were still remarkably strong and self-sufficient nevertheless. Like the young schoolteacher that got involved in this THRUSH caper. She was immune to Napoleon and Illya's charms (until they offered her money!) and when they were tying her to the mattress to be drowned she didn't even scream. I would have been in hysterics by then.

Needless to say we did not have eight hours sleep. After the usual morning chores we went by Kroger. James dropped me off so I could pick up the Sunday paper, some bread for lunch, and Sinex for him and he went for gasoline. When that was finished we went to the Super Sunday Collector's Con at the Marriott at Century Center. We don't collect comics (although I'll always look out for Dell Lassie comics and check out the Walt Disney stuff; wish my mom had bought me that 101 Dalmatians comic when the movie came out—it originally sold for 12¢ and they wanted $40!) or action figures, but it was fun to look around. Nice to see a bunch of little girls in cosplay outfits rather than just little boys, and they weren't all princesses, either, although we saw a very fetching Elsa. One vendor did have books, but they were under the tables and it was hard getting down there with my knees hurting. I did dig out an old Whitman book as a gift, and would have loved to have rummaged through them all: there was a paperback adaptation of 77 Sunset Strip, series books I remember being on the "adventure" shelves when I was a kid like Shell Scott and The Destroyer, a Whitman adaptation of Steve Canyon, an old copy of Heinlein's Star Beast, etc.

So we walked around twice and talked to Mark Heffernan for a while about Anachrocon in three weeks, and when we felt we had enough we left and went to Barnes & Noble at Perimeter Mall for about an hour. The clearance shelves are down to $2 apiece for items and it's mostly junk. Saw an interesting new book, Dead Presidents.

And we got home in time to see most of the first run of the Puppy Bowl, with an adorable black and white Shih Tzu puppy named Posey as the cutest of the night, but of course they're all adorable, including the Shar Pei who was literally a couch potato.

Later had chicken strips with salad for supper and watched America's Funniest Home Videos and then Alaska: the Last Frontier reruns.

Super Bowl? What Super Bowl? :-)

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