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» Saturday, February 13, 2016
Friends and Fabulous Food

Nice and snuggly warm this morning, so of course we had to get up early. :-) One dog walk down and we headed out to the Butlers for this month's Hair Day. When we arrived only Ben and Terica were there, and poor Ben was suffering from the aftereffects of oral surgery. They left not long afterwards.

The Campbells, Pat with Roman, the Boroses, and the Elder-Gibson group arrived later and we had a chili feast (well, everyone else did; I tried a little of the Cincinnati chili but even that was too spicy for my palate). The big news was that Colin got accepted for graduate school (he is going for a Masters in sports nutrititon) and that the short film that Neil worked on for a Jewish short film festival got very good reviews and feedback! (There was also some bad news: the Butlers have a water leak in the slab under their house. That means someone will have to come in and jackhammer up the floor to fix it. Oy. However, they will get new flooring in the area out of it. I feel bad for the cats; they will be freaked out will all the noise.)

We had to skedaddle as soon as we were done eating so that James could make his meeting, which he said was SRO today. I simply had to vacuum, so finally took apart the old printer shelf, which has been shoved up against the partition between the kitchen and the dining room so I could do so without it being in the way. Tossed a bunch of old electronics out, too: my PDA, which I haven't used since 2010 and all the accessories to it, like the 5600 baud modem. We need to get rid of James', too, after we get some files off it. He had subscribed to "The Grantville Gazette" fanzines and they are only on his PDA. They're in Microsoft .lit format, but Calibre will easily translate those into .epub.

Aside from another dog walk, making the bed, and the cleanup, the other thing I did was assemble the new flowers for the front porch. Not too bad. Right now I'll just hide them in the garage and not think about spring coming, though. :-)

Since James is working tomorrow and restaurants are too crowded on Valentines Day anyway, we went out to eat tonight. Did a repeat of last year and went to Atkins Park for the delicious "drunken pork" in a wonderful light but tasty sauce and sweet grits. I hate grits like poison, but these are soft, not grainy, and just lightly sweet. It's what I imagined Meg's blancmange might taste like in Little Women. For supper we had ice cream at Baskin Robbins and spent the evening watching The Incredible Dr. Pol. I have incredible respect for country vets; what messes they work in! His son Charles was raising a baby peafowl—how darling!

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