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» Sunday, February 21, 2016
Da Gimp

I don't know what this foot pain (and elbow pain) is, but it's a fat pain in the...well, you know. Every turn I made in bed night I hit something that hurt: one ulnar nerve or the other, or what I've identified as the end of the metatarsal bone for the small toe (both feet, but the left one hurts worse), or my right knee, which seems to have gone on sympathy strike with everyone else. Finally, after James got up to start work, I limped into the bathroom, took four ibuprofin, and went back to bed until nine o'clock. I'd like to say it worked wonders, but I'd be lying. I limped through walking the dog and when I went to Kroger brought James' cane and took one of the carts. I bought a new sunhat at Costco Friday night, a tight-weave hat that is supposed to have an SPF rating of 50, and I wore that to keep off the steady light rain.

Popped around Kroger as fast as I could go without forgetting something, including picking up some Easter cards. Found our Easter candy, too, two small dark chocolate Lindt bunnies and six Cadbury chocolate eggs; there's Easter week dessert right there. :-)

Wanted to do something fun for about an hour, so headed to Barnes & Noble. Had to get past an accident on the East-West Connector on the way, but made it there in one piece. Such a PITA having to move so slowly! Just checked out the magazines, took a couple of notes of books I wanted to buy, and, even though I didn't have a coupon, bought the first Longmire book. Sometimes you just gotta buy a book without a coupon. :-)

James was at lunch when I got home, so he was able to help heft all those groceries up the stairs, and then I could change into comfortable clothes, have a sandwich, and check out the new mouse. For the afternoon, I put the 1940s UK radio station on and we listened to the Fabulous Forties all afternoon. I reloaded the new version of Citrix on my desktop, and that seemed to work fine, so then took a deep breath and tried loading Windows 10 onto the desktop again. I have been unable to do it for months because wayyyyyy back when this computer was on XP I had Nero 7 on it to burn DVDs. When I upgraded to Win7, Nero wouldn't work any longer. I tried to uninstall it, but the uninstall never completed. It didn't bother the performance of the computer, so I just left it. However, when I tried to upgrade to Win10, it stubbornly said it could not install without that fragment of Nero being uninstalled.

Finally I went to Nero's site and found something that was supposed to work, and I guess it did, because Win10 finally loaded this time. WordPerfect won't work. I get a Microsoft Visual Basic Runtime error. Seriously? I suppose I can reload it, but...what a PITA, guys. (Also, Eudora mailboxes won't compact again. I hope it doesn't end up being a problem like last time.) I'll wait to see if anyone on Facebook has input first.

We had macaroni for supper and are now waiting for the Disneyland anniversary special.

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