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» Saturday, February 20, 2016
At the End of Difficult Week...

Well, it was just a dandy week. Monday I found out I indeed do have to have a colonoscopy. Not only "Draino" the night before, but a clear liquid diet the whole day before. Oh, great. Not only going to be hungry, but it's a day and a half without milk. I'm the way with milk that some people are with coffee. Grrr.

Tuesday when I started work I found out we are moving buildings. (They probably announced this at the staff meeting I missed when I was sick.) Now, the only people who were supposed to move were the people who were in the building they're remodeling (Colgate). But it's changed again. They want us "all together," so we have to move from Stanford, too. The new building is two buildings further down the road; it's empty now and looks scruffy around the edges. I don't see a lot of shady parking spaces for the summer. And it's back to cubicle land. I knew the office thing would end eventually, but I've done so well in the past 2 1/2 years not being under fluorescent lights. Maybe I can lobby for a dark corner?

With that in mind I finished up as many automatic closeouts as I could this week so I won't have to pack them. Was really dragging and headachy from the sun when I got home on Friday, walked Tucker, and then lay down on the futon with three ibuprofin in me until James got home.

Sadly, dinner was less than inspiring. We usually have a good meal at Fresh2Order but both our soups were overly salty, and for chicken vegetable soup, it had a paucity of chicken. We tried their icebox pies and they came with whipped cream on the top scooped out like ice cream. It had a funny taste and even James didn't eat it. Afterwards we had a better time wandering around Costco, and, among other things, picked up some rice and millet ramen noodles. Those should be yummy.

We went to bed early for a Friday night. There was a funny during the night: I woke up to hear James snoring. He's not supposed to be snoring using a C-PAP. I waited a little bit, then shook him. "Why are you snoring?" "I am?" "Yes!" It turned out he had woken up needing to use the bathroom. He took the C-PAP mask off, then Morpheus kicked in again and he fell back asleep, sans mask.

This morning we had breakfast at the IHOP on the East-West Connector, happily utilizing the senior menu. We just made it in ahead of the mob. Then we drove up to BJs, having intended to buy a three-pack of Flonase there with a newspaper coupon, which BJs takes. However, BJs' price for Flonase is so much higher than Costco that it is cheaper to by them at Costco without a coupon. We can use them on single Flonase units if we like, until mid-March. Did get some Skinny Pop, canned chicken, and "plastic" (American) cheese, and a new "Chicken Soup for the Soul" book of dog stories. We also stopped briefly at the Office Max in the next shopping center to get a new mini-mouse. The one I have died after I used it only one month (new battery does not help); very odd since I always use Logitech mice because they're so reliable. This time I'm keeping the receipt, as Logitech says there's a limited 1-year warranty.

We thought about stopping at Barnes & Noble on the way home, but it started to rain, so we decided to have lunch instead. We were going to eat at Tin Drum on Barrett Parkway, then noticed a restaurant two doors down called Twisted Kitchen. It's kinda like Uncle Maddio's Pizza Joint where you start with a crust and build your own pizza, except in this case you start with pasta (five different kinds) and then add things. They have five different meats and a dozen different vegetables and five sauces. I got linguine topped with bits of steak, onions, garlic, tomato, and mushrooms, with a asian sesame sauce, and they cook it all together for you and then I had them top it with chow mein noodles and sesame seeds. James had twisted pasta with shrimp and an orange sauce and his choice of veggies, also with the noodles and the seeds. We both enjoyed it, although it's hard to spin linguine on a plastic fork!

It was only three o'clock when we got home, so I pulled out all the W-2s and other documentation and did the taxes. Canny TurboTax—we've been filing through their website for a couple of years now since it's stupid to spend $49 for the software when our standard deduction always is more than our itemized. All we've got to deduct anymore is the mortgage; our donations add up to so little lately. But to copy the information from the past year's tax forms, they now charge you! Linda can type for herself, thank you, and doesn't need to pay you $30 to copy information for her; she entered everything manually and checked everything once, twice, and a third time. This time they let you file the state form free, too, which is probably why they were trying to charge us for the copying. So I printed out everything and now we wait for the file.

For supper James took some broth and added miso soup, cooked up one of the cakes of millet/rice ramen, and added a can of chicken. It made a pretty good soup. We watched the last two segments of the This Old House Belmont Victorian home. Looks so spiffy in its new golden color, with its front porch restored, new stained glass windows, and those magnificent hardwood floors. I can't imagine how she's going to keep that big house clean! Later we watched an Aerial America about Washington, DC, and The Incredible Doctor Pol.

I have had the strangest thing going on all day: when I got up this morning, my feet hurt. Not like I've been walking on them all day, but like they are bruised as if someone beat the soles of my feet. Everything from the balls of my feet forward are fine, but both of the heels and the outer sides are sore, not just when I walk, but when I touch them. Plus both my elbows hurt the same way; I can't even put my elbow down on the arm of a chair. Just cupping my hand around the elbow makes it hurt very badly around "the funny bone." On both arms. How bizarre. My elbows are always banging into something, but in this case I haven't banged either of them on anything.

Hmn. Could be bursitis. Mom had it, and it does say you can get it in your heels as well as your elbows.

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