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» Sunday, January 10, 2016
Post Party Blues

Even though we went to bed earlier than usual last night, we still slept until ten and rather bumbled out of bed. We basically had everything we needed for the week and were in no rush to go to the grocery store. I took Tucker outside—it was cloudy, in the mid-forties, and very blustery—and warned James to bundle up when we eventually did go out. We had a bit of cleanup to do before we left; looks like Phyllis dropped some of the goodies from the relish tray they brought on the way out (or maybe on the way in). There were green and black olives and pickles and marinated mushrooms dotting the driveway.

We went to Publix to get a couple of things and took advantage of the twofers to start stocking up on things for Atomicon. We stopped by Office Max and bought a new set of shelves for the printers (yay, on sale!). I went into Bed, Bath & Beyond to use a coupon. Stopped at Costco to fill up the truck. Then—home! Ate some lunch and put the tags on our license plates (finally) and our new registration cards in each vehicle. Watched the three newest segments of This Old House, then the rest of the backlogged Hawaii Five-0 episodes. For supper we had Asian salad with chicken thighs. Later on: Alaska: the Last Frontier and one last dog walk for the night. The clouds are starting to clear and it's cold and breezy.

Watched ten minutes of some new cartoon called Bordertown about a fired border patrol agent in an American town near Mexico where they're building a border wall. Apparently it's supposed to be satire. It's stupid and the animation sucks. Makes you long for UPA limited animation, or even worse, Filmation.

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