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» Sunday, January 17, 2016
No Place Like Holmes

James unfortunately had to get up at eight this morning to go to work. After he left I slipped back into slumber for a little while but was up and around by 9:30, when I made sure Tucker had a thorough walk and I had breakfast. It was bright blue outside and chilly, good weather for walking. I came in reluctantly.

Spent the next hour and a bit wrestling with the computer again. When I opened Eudora this morning and downloaded e-mail, I found a big length of e-mail messages with question marks next to them, going back to December 23! I couldn't figure out what was going on until I did some detecting and examined the messages. They had either been previously deleted, had attachments, or had been filtered to another e-mail box. In addition, my "purchases" e-mail box, which is where I keep e-receipts or anything else related to something I've bought, was completely gone along with the messages. I spent the time re-deleting the messages and re-sorting them and setting up a new "purchases" box and a filter for it.

I think I know what happened. In December, probably December 22, I received an "invoice" on one of my domain addresses. I knew this was some sort of scam because (1) I had no "invoice" coming and (2) only use that account for e-mails about my domain pages. I deleted the message, but, because I was in a hurry, did not go into the attachments immediately to delete the attached "invoice." That night Microsoft Security Essentials ran and quarantined the "invoice" for containing a virus. (I thought so. This "company" has tried to "invoice" me before. Apparently they think I'm too stupid to notice that I don't get "invoices" on that account.) From then on, every time I deleted something, Eudora popped up an error message. I think the deleted items went to a temp file folder because the error messages kept referencing one; however MSE had quarantined the "invoice" and I couldn't even find the temp file anymore. I couldn't compact my e-mail boxes anymore, either. It was merely an annoyance until this morning. I think somehow the "temp" file it was shunting the deleted e-mails into reached critical mass and just "exploded." I just wish it hadn't taken the "purchases" folder with it. At least I have a backup of it that I did mid-December!

I chiefly spent the rest of the day watching the first eight episodes of this season of Elementary. I've been recording them, but not watching them, trying to get to bed on time on Thursday nights, but not watching them later because I'd rather read or my glasses hurt my nose. Between episodes I cleaned and oiled the top of the dining room table and then arranged things back on it, made the bed, let Tucker out on the deck for a while, washed a load of dishes, and did the usual Sunday things, including reading the Sunday paper I bought yesterday and cutting out the four measly coupons. I had toyed with going to Kroger, but Lord, I hate going to Kroger. I'll have to go tomorrow, but at least I didn't have to go today.

James got home at 6:30 and we had corkscrew macaroni and pork-in-gravy for supper while watching America's Funniest Home Videos, then that eighth and final Elementary, and then the newest Alaska: the Last Frontier. I don't mind the snow, but that mud looks disgusting!

I don't know how people binge-watch series. Sitting down and watching eight episodes in a row was really tiring; I can't stay still that long. I actually dozed off during one of the episodes with Holmes' father (played by John Noble) threatening some guy.

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