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» Saturday, January 16, 2016
Marketing and Computing, With a Western Sojourn

OMG! The shelf in the closet fell down again!

Well, no. I was awakened at 2:30 by an almighty thump that sounded like the shelf had indeed yanked out from the studs and crashed down. Instead, James had started up to use the bathroom, got his foot tangled in the blankets, and slid right off the bed onto the floor. He pulled a couple of muscles and has a small raw patch on his face where he hit the corner of his nighttable, but was otherwise okay.

He was stiff, this morning, though, when we got up to go to the Farmer's Market. Tucker was almost out of bedtime cookies and we hadn't been in a while. The winter market doesn't start until ten, so we were only a little late and were lucky enough to find someone pulling out of a parking space of the lot on Powder Springs Road, since the car in front of us had nabbed the last handicapped space. This way we didn't have to go to the lot behind Johnnie McCracken's Pub.

We took Tucker with us and, as always, and after not having gone for a long time, he was frantically distracted by all the scents and the other dogs. A big leggy Labrador cross begged him to play and he also had a nice long sniff session with a basset hound. We just got some little scones for dessert and the dog biscuits, but had the fun of walking around, since it was a beautiful day for it, sunny, upper 40s. Sadly, Pine Street Market's sample bacon was all gone when we got there.

James brought Tucker and I home and then went off to his club meeting. I went to Publix and picked up some twofers and found some lamb and bought a paper since it's a holiday weekend and there won't be coupons (or actually only one coupon booklet) and the double paper isn't worth it otherwise. I also checked out the new (well, it was new when I intended to check it out) thrift store on South Cobb Drive, but it was 98 percent clothing. Boring. Checked out the books. The used furniture was mostly junk. I would never have donated stuff in that condition.

Came home and spent about two hours updating the copyright dates on my domains and also worked on a problem: I had some images on the Earthlink site that simply would not show up. One, the header on my "Birdwatching" page had vanished completely, including from my computer; I was able to find it again by using "The Wayback Machine" web archive site. I couldn't figure out what was going on with the rest of them until I noticed in Paint Shop Pro that all the missing files were named with uppercase only letters, but the links on the webpages were lowercase. Apparently while this never bothered Earthlink's web storage space before, something has changed. When I renamed them in lower case letters and uploaded them, they all worked fine. Also brought a few more things downstairs, finished Susan Branch's The Fairy Tale Girl, let Tucker out on the deck to enjoy himself as he likes, checking out the yard for cats and watching for bunnies, resorted some books—it was odd, I kept busy but didn't really do much. Had some soup very late.

When James came home we went to the West Cobb Diner for supper. It was very crowded and he actually fell asleep waiting for the waitress to call our names. Brought a nice bit of turkey and dressing home for a lunch. We had some coupons for Barnes & Noble, but none of my series have any new books and he didn't find anything either. I think I am going to order a book I want online instead, since none of the stores have it in stock. I did get the new EW, with the nice Benedict Cumberbatch-as-Doctor Strange photos (now there was a match made in heaven), a "Vintage Style," and the "Blue Ridge Country" 2016 travel guide.

Spent the rest of the evening watching the first three episodes of the series Longmire, which Louis Robinson is always talking about. Robert Taylor plays a  modern-day sheriff in a small Wyoming town, Katee Sackhoff (from the Battlestar Galactica reboot) as a transplanted deputy, and Lou Diamond Phillips as his Native American buddy from way back. Excellent so far!

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