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» Friday, January 15, 2016
It Never Rains But It Pours...

Oh, what a relief to sleep without being chivvied awake by that horrible alarm clock; to wake naturally when my body tells me to. I woke only briefly when James got up, asking muzzily if I heard thunder; no, it was the trash collectors. And then it was back to snoozy warm sleep under cozy warm blankets in a comfy bed. I probably could have stayed there longer, too.

Got up to find it raining out and the house dark and damp despite the heat being on and turning on lights. I took the time to go to the bathroom and eat breakfast, both which were a bad idea, since by the time I took Tucker out, it was raining harder. I put him in Willow's old tweed coat which would keep the water off most of his coat and I put a brimmed hat on to keep the rain out of my glasses, since I can't possibly manage the dog and an umbrella. Tucker didn't want to walk much (he's very like a cat in that respect), but we got around okay until the return trip when the heavens really opened! I didn't even bother rolling the garbage can back into place; we were so drenched by the time we got in the house that my coat was still wet at dinnertime.

I spent the afternoon taking down the Christmas tree and listening to "The Tech Guy" (and, I admit, nipping occasionally into the bathroom to read more short stories in Crucible). James came home unexpectedly about 2:30 looking rather green; he'd thrown up at work. He's been having trouble with nausea at lunchtime, whether he brings a lunch or buys it there. He is usually okay at breakfast and at supper. Odd. He says there's no construction or unusual things going on at work.

Anyway, got the tree back in the closet and the ornaments and the manger as well; the box with the village in it is still upstairs, but I need James to help me get it down. All the other decorations are down as well. It looks so empty!

For supper we went out to Hiram. Supposedly the Super Target out there had the Litehouse Salad veg James likes to use and which we couldn't find at the Buford Highway Farmer's Market last time we went. So we had supper at Folks, went to Target and picked up a couple of bottles of the Litehouse mixture as well as a copy of The Martian on sale, then hit Michael's with some coupons. I simply could not find the a Sharpie paint pen like I bought there last time and ended up buying something else for a gift instead.

Then on to home to walk Tucker for the evening and watch Hawaii Five-0, with its lump-in-the-throat ending.

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