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» Sunday, January 31, 2016
Highway Dreams

James couldn't sleep this morning. I think he was still mulling on the printer problem. I'd reached the end of my computer expertise yesterday and went back to sleep. At ten o'clock I was more awake and coherent. Tucker had his walk and I had my breakfast, and then we were off.

I literally ran into Kroger, dropped off a prescription, picked up some Breathe Rights and a Sunday paper, and trotted back out, and we headed to the RV show. Why go when we can't afford one? Well, it's fun to dream and it's something to do on a Sunday afternoon besides clean house or glaze out in front of the idiot box.

We joke when we go that we are visiting different "lands." The little stuff, the ones we could actually afford, and could tow with a 4-cylinder small pickup (the really small ones), are "Frontierland." They had a darling little Airstream that was almost this small, a few A frames, and several of the teardrop ones we like so much. One "teardrop" we almost could have managed, and it even came with a little screen house that you put up at the front door, to stay outside without becoming mosquito dinner. There was another retro trailer about this size smartly laid out. I like the floors they are putting in almost all the trailers this season: it looks like wide-board flooring and is very pretty, rather than shiny vinyl. There are also pop-up camper trailers, but I'd only get one of these if it had the little bathroom fixture; sorry, I've got that old lady disease, Gottapeenow.

Next you go up to the camper-trailers and the third wheels and pull trailers; this is "Adventureland." I like the camper-trailers, but of course then you have another vehicle which involves registration, insurance, maintenance, etc. We saw several interesting Mercedes vans that could have been retrofitted to pull out the rear seats and have a ramp for the power chair instead that also had a little kitchen and a tiny bathroom. There were two Dodge vans there that could have worked, too, but once the chair was parked, you couldn't get into the bathroom. Big problem. :-)

And then it's always fun to go to "Fantasyland." These are the motor coaches, and oh, if there was something we could do about the books wouldn't it be fun to sell up and buy one and travel about? Don't know how we'd earn money on the road, but it's fun to think of: southern Virginia or Tennessee or north Georgia in the winter, go west in the spring, north to Canada and Alaska in the summer, and finally spend autumn in New England. These motor coaches are something to see! Almost all of them have leather interiors (something I would junk; regular upholstery is fine with me), full size refrigerators, lots of storage space, one had a cedar closet in the bedroom, another a stacked set of washer and dryer, one an electric fireplace that actually heats the interior, one a desk at the passenger seat where someone could use a laptop, a few of them convection microwaves. Here, we said, the dog crate here, the bird cage bungee-corded to the kitchen table, the books up there, and off we go!

We had some barbecue sandwiches for lunch, ran into Juanita Gibson and the rest of the family while surveying the A-frames, and perused the other vendors who were selling things from lamps to cookware. James bought a Bluetooth headphone to use while teleworking.

And about 3:30 we left, swung by Kroger to pick up my heart pills, and Dreamtime was over.

Had Asian chicken salad for supper and ended up watching a documentary on John Glenn and then one on cosmonauts, finishing up with Pioneers of Aviation.

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