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» Friday, January 29, 2016

Well, I did go to the doctor on Wednesday. James was feeling as bad as I was by that point, so we arranged two appointments, one after the other. Thankfully, my sore throat is just that; it's been hurting so bad I was afraid of an infection. She basically told us both we just had to see this through because it was just a virus that's been hitting a lot of people. She did give me some cough medicine in case the cough kept me up and advised me to just keep hitting the saline, drinking water, and getting enough rest. She advised James to get some saline solution for his nose and rest as much as could.

Which brings us to today. Sleep late, saline, breakfast, dog walk, then I thought I might actually do something daring, like...venture into the public. Gawsh. Think of that. It was supposed to be warm this afternoon, up into the mid 50s, and sunny; no better weather.

I kept it easy: I went to Barnes & Noble to see if the January/February "Landlove" or "Landscape" were in and just look around. I found the clearance tables down to 75 percent off, and nabbed two of their Christmas bags that originally sold at $25 each for $3 each, big sturdy cloth bags, one red, one green, with the opposite color for the lining. As I buy more Christmas gifts I can keep them in these bags. (They had more; I should have gotten the other two—went back later and they were gone. Oh, well.)

So I went up to the Town Center store and found "Landscape" and the new "Just Cross Stitch" and bought a book of Longmire short stories since they didn't have the first book in the series. While I was there, I scanned the Publix app since there is a Publix next door to the bookstore. Whoa! Score! They are finally doing a BOGO on the lower-sugar Quaker instant oatmeal. They haven't included the lower sugar in months and my supply was running really low, despite using regular oatmeal at home. So I went happily through the store gathering twofers: pork loin chops, a Post pecan and grain cereal which looks like the old Trader Joe's version that they don't sell anymore, cookies and crackers for Atomicon, etc. Unfortunately I only got four boxes of oatmeal and they had only five of my yogurt flavor, so, while heading for home, since it was on my route, stopped at the Publix on Dallas Highway to pick up more oatmeal and enough yogurt for two weeks. Plus by this time it was warm enough to go short sleeves.

And since I was on Dallas Highway anyway, I went the mile up the road to that Barnes & Noble and found "Landlove" and picked up the Christmas edition of "Country Life" that was still on their magazine stand. I like picking up "Country Life" every once in a while, if nothing else just to see the pretentious advertisements for homes. (This one is no different. There are 58 pages of home ads before you ever get to the magazine content, of homes all over one million pounds! :-) After that you get to the cool articles on winter gardens, Lichfield Cathedral, ermines, behind the scenes at the Royal Ballet doing The Nutcracker, a salute to The 39 Steps, and holly. However, no clearance bargains at either Town Center or West Cobb. You win some, you lose some.

Got home in time to walk Tucker before James got home. We had supper at Tin Drum, used a couple of Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons, and then I ran into Barnes & Noble only to discover, yes, the rest of the Christmas bags were gone.

Still, a profitable day and a good dinner. My sinuses were killing me from about the time I arrived in Kennesaw, but I'm tired of this stupid cold and have to go to work on Monday anyway. I was feeling pretty woozy by dinnertime, but the meal helped at least. More saline, more Ibuprofin and on we go...

In the meantime, I had a delightful surprise on Facebook this afternoon. Rupert Holmes had told me he was going to be interviewed for a "New York Times" article about the 20th anniversary of Remember WENN, but he didn't know when an article would appear. Well, the article showed up on the "Times" website today and will be in the real paper on Sunday! The WENN Facebook group was alight with delight!

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