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» Saturday, January 09, 2016
An Evening of Fun

How provoking! Today I can sleep until 8:30 and I can't with dreams nudging me awake. But James needed to go to Hair Day, his hair having finally grown out after that awful butchering haircut he got a few months back (I'm surprised the barber made it out of barber school). Off he went with the pastry tray we got last night. I didn't even eat breakfast; I grabbed a towel and leashed the dog and put his soap and his coat (because it was cloudy, damp, and blustery, although not really cold) in a plastic bag and went to Unleashed to use the dog wash.

As always he just sat there and looked pitiful while I washed him. The new soap, which has peppermint and tea tree oil in it, lathers nicely and smells good, and he did actually not smell as "wet doggy" as usual when I was through. I got two currycombs full of wet fur off him. Just as I was drying him off, a man and his daughter came in with a big brown dog who really, really did not want to get into the washtub. She sat there and just resisted until the little girl coaxed her in the tub. On the way out I got Tucker a dog cookie which he first tried to bury in the front seat; he did eat it a few minutes later.

Got home, had some breakfast, and commenced to cleaning. I really didn't have much left to do. I cleaned and disinfected all the toilets, the sinks and floors being already cleaned, and then pretty much vacuumed, moved the table back and the chairs where people could sit in them, put big pillows and other stuff that usually sits on the sofa or the coffee table in another room, cleaned off end tables, etc. James came back about noon, cleaned out the kitchen, helped me shift some other things around, and put up some books; I cleared the coats off the coat hooks so people could put their coats there, and then finally had enough time to take a quick shower and change. James started the wings and the egg rolls about four, and I took Tucker out just as the Spiveys and the Gibsons arrived at five.

We had a nice crowd and much fun. David and Ken and Alice had the playoff game on in the living room, and another group of us gathered in the dining room. The Boulers showed up and the Boroses, Maggi and Clay, and Bill and Caran. Later when Bill and Caran headed out to go to Anya's house, Ron and Lin showed up, so we had a full house until about nine o'clock. The usual discussions: politics, websites, books, film, The Force Awakens, recipes, old friends, old conventions. I was actually chatting online with an old school friend sporadically during the party and he's a bit nonplussed that we have parties without liquor and loud music. We just aren't that type of people. I don't particularly like liquor and can't drink it anyway because of my heart medication. Loud music is just that. It gives me headaches and you can't hear what others are saying over it. That's why I hate going to places like O'Charley's. It's not fun for me.

Anyway, it was a very nice evening, and after everyone left we got the trash all in the bin and the food put away; we could have used more egg rolls, but we have enough wings left over for a dinner. I'll do the vacuuming tomorrow and put the table and chairs back in their places, and we'll get the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Even after having so much fun, it's good thing to sit down and just stare mindlessly at the television.

We should have a game night soon...

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