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» Saturday, December 19, 2015
The Costco Before Christmas

I don't like my alarm clock even when it's waking me up to something good.

Actually it was only a middling action: trip to Costco. On the Saturday before Christmas. Yeah. I know, but we needed Claritin. So after a sketchy breakfast and a dog walk, we managed to get to the store seven minutes after opening. The parking lot was already full and one handicapped space was left.

We did get the Claritin, plus Flonase for James, some chicken soup for Sunday supper, a gift, Jamaican meat patties, mushrooms, milk, mandarin oranges, and tomato sauce, wandered about the books and DVDs, and waited in a long, long line at checkout, and got held up because there wasn't a barcode on the soup. Eventually we made it out.

After we put up the groceries, James wanted to stop at the Bead Shop since it's the only independent place around that sells models any longer. I took the opportunity to take a nap in the cab of the truck.

Finally we threaded our way through the freeway and had a nice ride through West Paces Ferry Road with its stately houses and wreath-garland-and-red-ribbon decorations (and once again, the variety of greens with a red bow on the mailboxes). We had to jockey through the parking lot to find something near Barnes & Noble (the one in Buckhead is next to a Publix), but after that had a good browse round the shelves. I found almost too many magazines (except the Christmas issue of "Landscape," which I guess is delayed by the overseas mail). I did find the winter issue of "This England" as well as the yearly Annual they put out, a magazine I've never heard of, "Mystery Scene," which has an article about Foyle's War, the December "Cape Cod Life," and two issues of the British magazine "The Simple Things," October and November. (There seem to be a lot of December issues of magazines missing. "Period Living" and "Style at Home" are also still on November.) I used my 25 percent off coupon on the new Bryant and May novel. James bought me a book for Christmas (the third John and Carole Barrowman fantasy) and a sequel in a series he reads and a couple of aviation magazines.

On the way home we came by the Publix at Macland Road and I bought some yogurt, buns, turkey salad and a bottle of Coke Zero for James, and a small apple pie while James picked up our order from Dragon 168. Tucker was so enthralled with the smell of the food he didn't ask to go out until after we finished eating. Spent the evening watching the "Advent and Christmas" segments of Feasts & Seasons and then all the Prep & Landing specials. They're so tinsel!

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