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» Wednesday, December 30, 2015
"Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come and Play Another Day."

It wasn't bad enough that my sinuses started draining again. And that I had nightmares all night. I'd settled back in, James was off to the living room to work since it was going to be pouring again. Please, could I sleep now?

Crash! went the thunder! Squeal! went my cellphone, followed by a flood warning! Scream! went the weather radio!

Urgh. And this happened twice.

James was working industriously when I got up. Went to take Tucker outside and he wanted no part of the rain, but I tugged him downstairs and clicked the clicker, and he got the message. He pee'd, then headed back inside. I'll settle for that. (Later we found a hole in the clouds and got him a better walk.)

I had breakfast, then went to Kroger. I wanted to do 99 percent of the shopping today so that all we have to do tomorrow is pick up the bread to go with the beef and mushrooms, and then stop briefly to get me sandwich bread for the week on Sunday. It was Wednesday, so I got my five percent old phart discount, picked up some meat for dinner next week, bought lots of milk, and spent entirely too much money, but not as much as the lady in front of me, who spent $334.00. Ouch!

Then I came home and did different things: worked a little on each of the crafts, scrubbed a particularly grubby spot on the carpet, read more Christmas magazines, and played the two CDs Rodney gave me for Christmas, Percy Faith Christmas music and Jackie Gleason's band (people forget Gleason was also a bandleader). The Faith had some of my favorites that WLKW, once Providence's "beautiful music" station, used to play during their "36 Hours of Christmas" each year, including "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear." Gleason's arrangements of the Christmas songs were in dance band tempo. It was so soothing I listened to it twice.

When James finished for the day, we got dressed and went to Kaiser; he had a prescription he'd forgotten to refill. This actually didn't take long; it was just getting there and then going home. Cheered up the ride a little by going a different way home and checking out more Christmas lights. Gosh, it seems as if everything has gone by so swiftly since October started; stinky, smelly, smothery, sweaty, sucky summer takes ages to go by and then the rest goes by in a flash. It seems like just yesterday we were on the ferry to Martha's Vineyard or checking out the beautiful leaves at Strawbery Banke, and December has just flown by. Wish I could rewind to Thanksgiving and do it all over again (as a friend said on my Facebook page, with proper temperatures!).

We had the potstickers from Buford tonight for supper while I watched Call the Midwife, this year's Christmas special, and cried and cried at the end. I'm glad Patsy has had a merry Christmas and hope things don't get ugly for her.

Following that we watched most of this week's "clip show" from Alaska: the Last Frontier, and then the season finale—yes, season, as the Librarians return next year—of The Librarians. I quite enjoyed how the treatment of Prospero was built upon things the Librarians had learned during the season, and the twist in Prospero's past.

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