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» Sunday, December 06, 2015
One More Ornament Premiere

Yes, Hallmark keeps milking it more each year. But if they're going to thrust coupons at me, I'm going to take them!

Since I'd done the shopping yesterday we had nothing to do but sleep late, and wasn't that nice? After breakfast we went out to Betsy's Hallmark at Merchant's Walk because (a) I had Hallmark coupons and James wanted to get two ornaments for his club meeting's "Dirty Santa" next weekend and (b) I had a 40 percent off coupon for the store itself. Since it was Sunday we didn't have to worry about the construction on Terrell Mill Road. James got one model (the Waco), but the Mustang was sold out even when the attendant called around. I'll bet all the collectors got them. With the coupon I bought him a magnetic pocket to use on his power chair.

Then we cut through East Piedmont Road and went to the Barnes & Noble at Town Center to look around, but didn't stay long. We had to get home in time for me to wrap both Neil's and Lin's birthday gifts, for we had to be at Longhorn at 5:30. We had the same long arrangement of tables as last time. Ron and Lin bought some spicy appetizers for the table, but James and I tried the new cheese dip with pita. Oh, gosh, that was good. I wrapped up a large portion of my six-ounce steak for a lunch instead. We had a fun time.

Thankfully, it was a relaxing evening watching The Librarians and Alaska: the Last Frontier. In the latter it was the episode where Atz Lee has his accident. He broke 27 bones; after falling off a 40-foot cliff he's lucky to be alive.

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