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» Tuesday, December 29, 2015
Bargain Hunting and Time Traveling

Why, that's funny. If I look upwards, the sky is an odd color, like a pale bluebird. And there is a fiery round brand in the sky. What a strange sight. I don't think it's because we didn't sleep, because we slept late, after watching part of a Fallon rerun.

When we were finished with breakfast and Tucker had been walked, we loaded up the power chair and went off to the Buford Highway Farmers Market. We hadn't been in a while and there were several specific things we wanted to look for there. Unfortunately, we only found about half of them. They had no lamb steaks, just very thinly cut lamb for some type of holiday dish (I guess), and none of the Litehouse "Salad" greens blend we like to put on poultry and pork. We wandered the aisles and gathered other goodies: buckwheat noodles, potstickers, Ukrainian lamb dumplings, frisee, Ritter peppermint bars (we like them for desserts), dumpling sauce, French bread, lupini beans, etc. We double-bagged this in insulated bags and went off to have a little fun trolling the clearance tables at Barnes & Noble, both the one at Peachtree Corners and the one near Perimeter Mall. I found three gifts on the clearance table at Peachtree, a Cat-in-the-Hat ornament for the library tree, the Entertainment book at half price, a Jill Oxon's cross-stitch magazine that was really too expensive but it had a pattern for someone I wanted, and the December "The Simple Things." James got a weather calendar for his desk wall and a desk calendar of World War II facts. Perimeter was less fruitful, but I did find another gift, perfect for relating to a place where this person likes to go.

By then it was going on rush hour, so we headed home and had what was left of our Costco soup for supper (yes, we still had enough for another meal; it was a lot of soup!). James actually had to thin it out a little with some Trader Joe's chicken broth and vegetable stock, and it was still chock-full of chicken pieces, carrots, onions, and celery. We were wayyyyyyyyy behind on Doctor Who, so binge-watched "Face the Raven, Heaven Sent," and "Hell Bent." I still love Peter Capaldi, but, really, must we continue to have these long, lachrymose companion farewells? Can't they just quit traveling with the Doctor like the old companions used to and go back to their lives? Capaldi was brilliant in "Heaven Sent"—I didn't glance once at a clock, it mesmerized me so much—but I was amused at how much part of the premise matched a story on The Librarians a couple of weeks ago. Similarly, "Hell Bent" reminded me of the final episode of Quantum Leap.

More rain tomorrow...but this is bringing the cold back with it. Thank God. We have noticed several people commenting on Facebook, from all different places, that it just hasn't felt like Christmas. For my part I think it's all the morons running for office. They certainly have soured my holiday season. It should be illegal for candidates to start campaigning for office until the actual election year. (I'd say the Democratic and Republican conventions, but they still have to do that stupid New Hampshire thing...)

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