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» Monday, December 28, 2015
A Gathering of Order

Well, surprise. It's raining again. Not just soft showers, but pouring rain. The news is a litany of overflowing creeks, rivers over their banks, and water-washed-out roads. Everything's soggy, with water collecting on the front sidewalk in front of the bushes. Drip, drip, drip.

James teleworked today, which means operation Clean the Spots on the Carpet has been a bit truncated. I can't vacuum (prerequisite to pre-treating) while he's on the phone. However, there are plenty of other things to day. I decided to wash clothes today since he'll be off tomorrow. I also put all the wrapping paper, bows, tags, and tape away and the spare room looks like it's fit for visitors again rather than being the gift wrap department at Macy's. I also did a much-needed clean out of my craft room; I pretty much couldn't craft anything at that point because the top of the worktable was so cluttered. I found a gift that was supposed to go in a certain gift bag (not yet distributed because a gift exchange date has not been finalized yet), so was able to finish that, and found two tiny gifts to put together with said gift bag and another gift bag. (This, of course, also gets them out of the craft room.) While putting various bits and bobs away, I found a disassembled gift, assembled it, and put it away for next year, and also put the parts for another gift away as well. Already started on my list for next year, which makes me happy!

Then I started painting the base of the Advent wreath I never got to this year. Clair Kiernan has an adorable "easy Advent wreath"—four tealight battery candles, three painted purple and one pink, and a white Christ candle, with a little Christmasy wreath to go with it. I loved it, but I wanted a permanent base for mine, with the designations of the different Sundays (Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace) on the base. I did paint the little candles, and have a star-shaped candle for the Christ candle, but never got to the base, so I'm doing that now.

Between bouts of rain took the dog outside, read a Christmas magazine, and switched clothes from washer to dryer (although I completely forgot about the clothes in the end and was drying them at dinner time). Had our appetizer for dinner tonight: fried ravioli with dipping sauce (James also ate his mushroom). Then he said he wasn't feeling well, so he went to lie down for a while. I put The Gathering on. Not related to "Magic," Babylon 5, or some horror movie, this is the story of an older man who is estranged from his wife and family and who discovers he has only a short time to live. He wants to make amends with them without it becoming a pity party. His wife sees through his sudden reformation and helps him bring everyone home without revealing the secret, although his eldest son figures it out. It's a great film, sentimental but never mawkish, with a great performance from Ed Asner, and, in great supporting roles, Maureen Stapleton and Lawrence Pressman.

Afterwards I put "Merry Gentlemen" back on because James not feeling well was kind of bumming me out.

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