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» Friday, November 06, 2015
Time is Relative

Like this week: glacial progression. And then Friday goes by in the wink of an eye.

Naturally, since I could sleep late, I kept waking up every two hours needing a drink. Once dogwalking and breakfast were safely past, I could get a couple of chores done. One was cleaning off the double sinks in the master bath. I hate doing this because it takes "forever." I timed it; it was less than 25 minutes, and this included cleaning the drinking glasses. I also cut out two weeks of coupons and put some aside which coincided with twofers at Publix. Put some other things up (not near enough) and then about noon went out.

It had been raining...of course...again...quite vigorously during the night, and there was a lot of standing water about. They warn you about this on the news, so when I got to the impressive-looking pond on Macland Road north of Powder Springs Road, I did slow down. The honking big SUV next to me sped up and plowed through the water like he was a locomotive through snow. His backwash drenched the front of my car so much that I had to stop because water was fountaining down the windshield and I couldn't see through the waterfall.

Did I mention I had the windows of the car open? Not only did my left side get soaked, but the flannel shirt I'd left sitting in the passenger seat got drenched, as did the coupon container and the coupon book I took to Barnes & Noble. Thanks. Thanks heaps.

Now my hour in B&N went by very quickly. I picked up a new "Consumer Reports" on electronics and used a coupon to get a cheap cover for my Nook Galaxy Tab. The one I got cheap on Amazon was so bulky and the tablet could only stand horizontally. With the coupon this was as cheap as the Amazon one and the tab can sit vertically as well, which is a help when we go out to eat.

On the way back I stopped at Publix for twofers. Saved a bunch using coupons on the twofers, like a dollar off Quaker instant oatmeal. Needed Wheat Chex to mix in my Chex snack mix for work; it cuts the salt and makes it last longer.

By this time it was 2:30 and I was pretty hungry. Hoped to have a sandwich bun with my leftover chicken leg, but they were all moldy from the damp weather for the past week. So it was just the chicken leg and me, with Tucker casting salivating looks at it. Watched "Lassie's Pups" on Angel2 (at least they aren't repeating the 1967 Christmas episode again) and waited for James to come home while reading Cro-Magnon.

We had a nice supper at Uncle Maddio's except that they made James' pizza wrong, chicken instead of mushrooms. They made him another on the house. We had some coupons and were going to go on when we finished, but...guess what, it was raining again, and neither of us felt like putting the cover over the power chair. James bought this lined special cover for it, got charged $70 for it, and the waterproof coating (imitation leather? vinyl? whatever) started to crack and crumble almost immediately. It leaves little flakes of black crap on your hands, like glitter, and it itches abominably. We're just going to get a cheap tarp for it. It can't be worse than this nasty thing.

Was up too late working on a piece of fanfic and still not finished with it!

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