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» Wednesday, November 25, 2015
The Hurrier I Go...
I dimly heard James get up for work and went back to sleep. Had a rotten dream about being stuck at the airport (James had to fly home early because of an emergency, which was bad enough), which finally drove me out of bed for pooch perambulation and breakfast. Was eating and watching what is possibly the worst episode of Lassie ever ("The Horsenappers," from the final season, with two "villains" whose combined IQ was probably lower than the dog's) so I could add the summary to my website when James texted me and said he thought he was suffering from some type of stomach flu. A few minutes later he said he was coming home. All this after he had to leave work early yesterday because the lift for the chair wasn't working properly and left early Monday to go to the chiropractor.

I still had to get through my "to do" list for the day. First I pulled all the reusable bags and the emergency box and "Fred the traveling pillow" and such out of the car. By then James was arriving home, looking quite miserable. I left him to take some medicine and relax, grabbed a towel and put Tucker on his leash, and took him to the dog wash. There was a lady washing her big dog there; she told me he was half husky and half pit bull. I think she said his name was Teck. He was wailing and complaining throughout the whole procedure. Tucker just sat and looked aggrieved. A half hour later I was exhausted but he was as shiny as a penny and full of energy. I bought him a new tug toy and we went on to the car wash by way of CVS so I could pick up something for James.

I'd worn short sleeves because I knew bathing Tucker would be warm work; I cooled down considerably while waiting for them to clean out the inside of the car. It hasn't been washed or vacuumed since before last year's vacation and still has road salt from Gatlinburg on it; I shouldn't have left it so long. A man stopped and talked to me about Tucker; he sells the microchips so you can chip your dog. It was clouded over at that point and the wind had a keen edge.

Finally Tucker and I were on the way home. I found James had eaten some soup and was trying to rest, but still looked tired. It was almost two o'clock, so I put all the things back into the car and then went upstairs to have the leftover beef bits from last night for lunch. About quarter past two, James got dressed and I went with him to Kaiser. He discovered yesterday that he had reordered all of his pills except for his glypizide and would be completely out this morning, so yesterday he had called up Kaiser, told them the problem, and they said they would have the pills ready for him this afternoon. He also had to pick up his back and hip x-rays to take to the chiropractor when he goes back.

Well, picking up the x-rays was easy. They give them to you on a DVD. But they didn't have the pills ready as they said they would, and we had to go upstairs, talk to the med tech, and James had to get examined before they called the prescription downstairs.

Had leftover rotisserie chicken for supper with Bear Creek pasta, watched Doctor Simon Locke, Make Room for Daddy, and Jeopardy, then some Christmas programs running on getTV: a Bing Crosby special, a Perry Como special with Rich Little and the Carpenters, and a Danny Kaye with Peggy Lee, Harvey Korman, and Harold Gould. Oh, and finished washing the dog's bedding, and loaded the dishwasher, and fixed a bit of jewelry and wrapped some baby gifts.

And then finally I put on The Thanksgiving Treasure—because it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without it. I love Addie Mills; she is the child of my heart, the one I never had.

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