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» Sunday, November 22, 2015
Our Kind of Clubbing

"What time is it?" I said to James. He returned, "Quarter to eleven." Pause. "No, ten to eleven." "Say what????"

Well, so much for getting to Sam's Club early.

I walked Tucker and then we both grabbed a BelVita bar and headed for Sam's Club. Luckily we found a working power cart. Instead of renewing our old membership, James did something on Groupon and got us a new membership which came with a $20 gift card and some free stuff. We used the card today. Bought an almanac, the "Cooks Illustrated" yearbook, four pair of long socks, milk, low-dose aspirin (two years' worth for $5!), some gravy mix, and one of our freebies, a rotisserie chicken. (This is a huge chicken. Really. When we went to Publix, their rotisserie chickens were almost $3 more and looked like they were on a starvation diet.) We wandered among the electronics, not that we need anymore, just to look, same with the books. I was really taken by the socks; I haven't had a pair of decent knee socks in years. You wear them a couple of times and they start falling down. These are thick boot socks and feel really warm. Think I'll try a pair tomorrow morning, when it's supposed to be about freezing.

Tried some sparkling water. Ew. People drink this? It's so bitter! Also some vanilla ice cream on some type of cake. The cake was awful, like sugary glue. When I like vanilla ice cream better than cake, it is too sweet, because I really despise vanilla ice cream.

It was so chilly out we just piled stuff in the truck without care for insulated bags and went to Publix. They had a bunch of stuff on BOGO (soups, dessert biscuits, canned fruit, etc.) and we went through the list methodically via the Publix app (you pick out what you want and the store you're shopping at and it shows you where everything is by aisle). Met two of our neighbors in the store, picked up a newspaper, and enjoyed talking to the cashier, who said this would be his first Thanksgiving off in four years (he used to work at Walmart).

It took a while to put all the junk away, but finally it was all put up and we could change and relax. We had House Hunters on all afternoon, with one family in Louisiana, another in Maine, another in Baltimore. I wasn't sure if I liked one family until they showed them at the end of the episode with their pet budgie! :-)

We had the leg quarters of the rotisserie chicken for supper along with buttered potatoes, and later watched the lighting of the Christmas tree at Macy's at Lenox Mall, and then this week's episode of The Librarians, which made me cry, and actually added some humanity to Moriarty. Next week: John deLancie appearing as the Devil! Finally, the Thanksgiving episode of Alaska: the Last Frontier.

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