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» Thursday, November 26, 2015
Just the Usual (and the Happiest)

And so another Thanksgiving tradition begins the day: I'm up and off to the QT for a Thanksgiving newspaper. It's 8:30 and the place is remarkably crowded. I'm home just a few minutes after nine, so I just have to back up the DVR a few minutes to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade from the beginning. And that was the morning, reading the paper, watching the parade, tidying things, while James cooked corn casserole, green bean almondine, and something for his breakfast. Then came the dog show, and then came the best part of the day, Thanksgiving dinner with friends. Leigh Boros and her fiancee Robby hosted the feast; we had two kinds of turkey, fork-tender pot roast, James' contributions, Ron's mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables, and other goodies, plus two types of pie for dessert and an apple pudding and small homemade pecan pies. But as good as the food is, the talk and the company is always better. There were football discussions and retirement chat and even some political banter. The game ran in the background, people wandered in and out of the kitchen to get another nibble, and the talk went on until there was none left.

We came home early to finish packing for our overnight tomorrow. I got the dog crate and the tray for the birdcage in the trunk of the car and the protective cover over the back seat and remembered to pull James' hat, sunglasses, and the handicapped parking tag out of the truck.

I give thanks today:
for James, who keeps me from going crazy (even though sometimes he makes me crazy ;-) )
for Tucker, who can always make me laugh
for Snowy, who sings his sweetest songs (even if he's turned into Vampire Budgie)
for family and friends, however far, for being a sweet part of our lives (and, trust me, I am still thankful for everyone who helped us move, both times, every. single. Thanksgiving.)
for our "fid sitter" for this year's vacation, Aubrey Spivey
for "the helpers," as Fred Rogers called them, those who serve every day, overtime, without sleep, the police, the firefighters, the 911 operators, the emergency room folks, the emergency vet, the Armed Services, the service organizations
for my team lead, for infinite patience in the face of "damn, I've been doing this job for thirteen years that-was-a-dumb-mistake I-should-know-better" actions
I know it's silly, but to SFM and RetroTV, for giving me back Doctor Simon Locke...because, honestly, that was the happiest gift of the year.

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