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» Sunday, November 01, 2015
All the Fault of That Meddling Headache

It would almost have been a perfect Sunday.

It couldn't hit the peak of perfection because it was a steady drizzle of a day. Grey skies don't bother me; at least there's no sun to give me a migraine. But a drizzly day is only a good day to sleep all curled up in a little ball, like a certain terrier I took out for a walk this morning. Alas, it's grocery day and no escaping it, as there's only half a gallon of milk left. So after perambulation and partaking of breakfast, we went to Kroger, ostensibly just to drop off my prescriptions and come back later. Except there was a handicapped parking space near the door. There's never one near the door; it seemed providential. So we went in and did the grocery shopping and got the prescriptions, and then put the milk and the burritos in the insulated bag. It wasn't supposed to go over 65°F and supposed to rain all day.

One of the things it's safe for James to eat with his diabetes is mushrooms, so we use up lots of them. It's worth our while to go pick them up at somewhere like Costco, except BJs takes credit cards and is better for building up points. Plus if you gas up after you do your shopping, you get money off on your fill-up. (James ended up getting gasoline for 1.899.) While we were there we stocked up on spaghetti sauce, "plastic" cheese, shredded cheese, Skinny Pop, Chex Mix, Jamaican meat patties, and chili, and James bought me a birthday gift. Looked at all the crazy Christmas gifts they had out already, like waffle cup makers, giant rice cookers/steamers, etc. Actually, the dual shower head looked pretty cool; we need a new one. Saw a neat jacket that looked very Jo Grant, but it didn't fit. Don't really need a jacket of that weight anyway. Wish I could find my light one; I haven't seen it since Atomicon.

Meanwhile the rainy weather was doing a number on my sinuses. I had a headache at Kroger, it got worse at BJs, and by the time we got home and got all the groceries put up, my head felt like the bell tower at Notre Dame. I put on TuneIn radio and found a channel playing really quiet instrumental Christmas music, tossed down four ibuprofin, and closed my eyes until about four o'clock. Spent the rest of the afternoon reading  and then later going through the vacation photos.

We'd bought soup for supper and James warmed that up while I walked Tucker; I put some vegetable broth in the chicken noodle soup to give it a little more body and it was quite good with some bread dipped in the broth on the side. James had chili and crackers and we had some hoarded peppermint Jojos for dessert. Finally found some news on, chilling until it was time for the season premiere of The Librarians. Noah Wyle is supposedly back full time with the cast this year, which kinda spreads the newest Librarians pretty thin. We also have two new, regular antagonists: Fictionals, brought to life from books, Prospero from "The Tempest" and that ultimate bad guy, Professor Moriarty (who, with the times, has five o'clock shadow). Interesting, but the two-hour premiere went by a bit slowly. We'll see. We finished up with Alaska: the Last Frontier.

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