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» Sunday, November 29, 2015

So we woke up at 8:30 a.m.! On a Sunday! Unheard of! So what shall we do?

Yeah! Get to Kroger early!

Even though we didn't arrive until an hour later, there were actually handicapped parking spaces available. We bought our necessities here; the milk had a familiar date on it: December 11. :-) Since we did get milk and some manager special meats and chicken drumsticks, we ran the perishables home quickly. We had a 25 percent off entire purchase coupon for CVS and needed BreatheRights, so we went there next, and then to Barnes & Noble with coupons in our hot little hands. We ended up not using them because the two books I saw were both half off for Black Friday weekend and James didn't see anything. I got the book about the making of Sherlock, and James bought me the new annotated Little Women just published (the author got permission to take pictures of Alcott's home and items, which you can't even do if you tour the house) for Christmas.

We were hungry by that time (those BelVita bars don't last long and it was almost one o'clock), but the bookstore had no good soups today, and we might as well buy some real food for the price of their sandwiches! So we checked out with our books and then went to Tin Drum for lunch. Now comfortably full, we walked (rolled) down to Bed, Bath & Beyond for James to get a new carbinator for his Soda Stream. This time he couldn't even find a bottle of the "Diet Coke" clone syrup. (He found out what happened when he got home and did some research: PepsiCo bought out Soda Stream. So there will be no more "Cola Free," the bottles will only hold 29 servings instead of 50, and they have to be refrigerated after opening. Leave it to big business to ruin everything.) We did bump into our neighbor Kristy in the store; she was waiting for her mother and her mother-in-law to quit oohing-and-ahhhing over everything.

Then James stopped by Best Buy for me. Big Bang Theory season eight was still at its Black Friday price, and I bought a new HDMI cable to replace a malfunctioning one. Finally we went by Publix to pick up this week's twofers.

Spent the afternoon reading the paper and tidying up some, and then it was time for John DeLancie as the devil on The Librarians. I loved the way Eve got him at the end!

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