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» Saturday, October 24, 2015
"I'm on My Way Back Home, Gonna Fly..."

Not the most exciting day. Also the one day we had to sleep late and...guess what! Awake by eight! Whatever. We had all the books and small souvenirs we bought to distribute in the suitcases anyway, and we had decided to check the small suitcase because instead of just having the camera to carry this time, I had the yellow shopping bag I brought with me, which had the Sanborn candies, Aubrey's gift, and the camera.

So we had breakfast; some of the wedding folks were still around and there was an adorable little boy racing around the table his parents were sitting at, probably about three. Wish I had all that energy this morning!

When we finally loaded the van, we had a piece of luck: somewhere around Tuesday James' prescription sunglasses vanished. I was afraid they were under one of the front seats which are set high up on a "platform" (it's the only way I can describe it) and there are gaps to the space underneath, but you can't get your hand under all of it. Luckily when I opened the passenger side door this morning, there they were, visible in the gap from seat level to the lower part you can get your hand into. I put them in the yellow bag, too.

Once we checked out, we just headed to the Sixt location in Chelsea. We went through the Mass Pike instead of downtown—right in back of Fenway Park!—and from there it was pretty easy, except for that hard right turn with the construction on it. No getting lost in Everett this time. :-) So of course when we got there they asked why we didn't drop it off at the airport. Well, sigh, because you told me to bring it back there. Anyway, they had the new employee drive us to the airport in the van, and it was probably a good thing we were early because Logan is the hugest complex I've ever seen, and the signs, as in all of Massachusetts, are terrible. I think they're still trying to confuse the British! First we followed the "Terminal A - Delta and Southwest" sign and ended up in Air Cargo. Then we followed it again and ended up in Arrivals. Only on our third circuit did we find Departures, and it wasn't the driver's fault.

He helped us with the luggage and then we started the process of checking in. Instead of one stop for the chair, we had two; the guy outside would only put one tag on it, and we had to go to the airport line (there was no one in it) for the other. (We had to get a third check at the gate.) Then we had to go through security. Unlike Hartsfield, the two laptops had to come out, and they scanned the life out of both James and the chair. I think the folks at Logan have never forgotten that two of those 9/11 airplanes left from their airport, and they're never, ever going to allow it to happen again. It didn't make me angry, but sad all over again.

And then of course we spent over two hours cooling our heels at the airport. We checked out a couple of the newsstands, had lunch at Dunkin Donuts (except they gave James the wrong sandwich; I had the chicken salad again on the French rolls—those are delicious; I need to see if they have them here). About a half hour before boarding I bought our last ice cream from Friendly's.

The flight back was uneventful, but we got no nice view as in last time—cloud cover pretty much down the entire east coast. When we got in, it look a long time for the chair to get back to us; it turned out they couldn't get it up the stairs to the jetway, so they went to another gate and put it on an elevator. We were afraid the plane would take off to West Palm Beach with us still there! (And the last place I want to go after being in sweet cool air all week is Florida!)

A minor bobble getting transportation to the Park-Ride, as the first handicapped bus' chair lift would not work properly. A nice guy in a second lift bus took us and even helped us get the suitcases in the truck. We stopped at Zaxby's on the way home for supper.

I came in first and Snowy gave me a fishy look. Tucker was behind the gate looking almost a little puzzled; then he smelled my hand and darn near tried to cling to it. Once I let him loose when James got in the house, he went wild, jumping on us, circling the room, jumping again, on the chair, off the chair, on his hindlegs to be petted, and around the house again! Y'know, I think he was glad to see us. :-)

Ate our chicken, watched something on TV, and now it's time for bed...

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