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» Friday, October 09, 2015
For a Friend and Other Errands

I had a nice long sleep to start off my compressed day, curled up happily in dreamland until nine o'clock. Then I had things to do: Tucker had his walk and I reloaded the dishwasher. That "critter" is voracious. Then I spent about an hour copying off Doctor Simon Locke to send to Liz. Once I was finished with that, I could start the backup on my computer.

I had a check to deposit in the bank, so I did that first, and then went to the post office. This is the tiny post office in the shopping center where the Smyrna Kroger formerly was located, and the man who works there looks like Santa Claus, white beard and all. As always, he asked, "Do you need stamps?" and I immediately asked if they had the 50th anniversary stamps for A Charlie Brown Christmas. Yes, they did, so our Christmas cards will have a special 60s touch.

Next I went to Publix for twofers, and pretty much stuck to my list. A lovely man with a Caribbean accent helped me out to my car. And, now, finally because it was almost three, I stopped by Sprouts, picked up beef and pork bits and chicken legs, and brought home clam chowder for lunch.

Had groceries to put away downstairs, a bed to make, and other tidying things. Now that I am done recording Locke (at least until we get a better antenna or WANN gets a stronger transmitter!), I can finally put everything away. The original videotapes go under the television in the cabinet, just in case. The antenna can go back in place; to properly get RetroTV and the other WANN channels it has to be in the middle of the bedroom doorway, with the cord hanging down. The stepladder, for moving the antenna, can go back in the closet. The labels and the markers can be put away. Nice to have a spare room again rather than a recording studio.

It was five o'clock when the futon sent out a siren song and James wasn't due until 5:30. Nice futon. Just like a cradle.

We had supper at Tin Drum and then stopped by Petco to get a couple of things each for Snowy and Tucker. We had a 20 percent off coupon for Barnes & Noble, so we went cross the street to see if anything was out. James didn't see anything, but I picked up what I thought was Laurien Berenson's new book. (It wasn't; they are republishing them with different covers, so I'll have to return it. It's annoying because if I'd realized it, I would have bought the Thoreau mystery instead.)

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