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» Saturday, October 10, 2015
Another Happy Birthday Dinner

Sunday is usually our slothful sleeping day, but since we had to be up at seven tomorrow, we slept in today. We went to bed with thunder and rain and woke up to clouds at 10:30, but no real rain except for a few strain drops. Tucker had his walk, and then we had to hustle to James' bank. He had a check to deposit and a couple of other things to take care of. On the way there we admired the few trees turning color. It always seems as if fall will never come and then, whap, all of a sudden signs of it are everywhere.

James' bank is funny. There are no tellers. There are a couple of people in the offices to talk to people about loans or starting an account, but the tellers are actually behind a wall and you send them your money, etc. through a pneumatic tube like at the drive-in window. It's very strange to speak to the teller through a television screen.

We hadn't had breakfast, but it was way after eleven, so lunch was in order instead. We decided to try Giovanni's. Unfortunately their lunch menu is only during the week, so we decided to share a pizza: ground beef, olives, mushrooms, and fresh tomatoes. It was excellent! They had the new Spiderman movie on at the front of the restaurant, the one with Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben. I see they've gone all emo with Peter Parker. And Mary Jane is a blond?

We came home for a little while until it was time to leave for Jessie's birthday dinner. Yes, we were at Longhorn again. Everyone likes Longhorn. :-) Not much to say except we had a good time (except for Aubrey, who had to go back to work because they mislabeled her schedule), and I was able to pass on a very nice tripod I had to Neil. It was really too much tripod for me, a professional item that I had gotten from Amazon Vine. Now that we can give Vine items away, I gave the tripod to Neil, who's a filmmaker and will put it to good use.

After supper we went to Walmart. We get calls sometimes, from the Kidney Foundation, etc., asking us if we want to donate clothes. They don't know us very well. Clothes don't leave this house until they are "unadoptable." Seriously, I would be embarrassed to donate any clothing we have left over to charity; it would be very patronizing. We use our stuff until it needs patching and beyond. I patched and replaced patches on the "Amanda" jeans I bought until I found more because they're the only pants I've seen that come in "petite" and I loathe hemming pants. Sweaters unravel here and shirts get stained, and once they get to that state, they're stashed for yard work, and the next stop after that isn't the Twilight Zone, it's the wastebasket. So when we end up at Walmart looking for men's trousers it's because James needs them. :-) We found a perfect pair, but it only came in one color. The other pair, a different brand, didn't fit at the same size.

Came home too late really to watch Doctor Who. We'll probably get to it tomorrow.

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