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» Sunday, September 27, 2015
On a Cloudy Sunday at the End of September

Oh, I would have liked to have slept later, but my left knee was bugging me and James was already awake and snatching a bit of breakfast. After dog-walking was concluded, I swallowed the last of the milk and a BelVita bar, and we went grocery shopping, first to Publix to get a couple of twofers and something James needed that's only at Publix, and then over to Kroger, where I went inside and shopped while James bought gasoline. Got the usual necessities of life (milk, bread for my sandwiches at work, yogurt, a few other things) and was out of there as soon as I could.

As soon as we had all the stuff put away, we could go and have a little fun. James hadn't hit the 20 off member discount at Barnes & Noble yet, so we tootled over to the Akers Mill store. They hadn't changed out their magazines since last week, and we saw the same old books. So we left there and headed to the branch at Town Center instead, which has the best magazine selection (at least the best cross-stitch selection, although the craft magazine section has now been half taken over by coloring books). I found the new "Country Sampler" and two cross-stitch magazines, and picked up a remainder copy of Jim Henson's biography. James found a book he had seen on Facebook called Ingredients, which tells you about each of the common ingredients that go into food, from niacin and ascorbic acid to MSG and carrageenen and shellac. It shows a picture and even the chemical formula.

We came home through the battlefield park, noticing the touch of autumn that has been lightly brushing the trees. While most of the trees are still green, some have a light golden glow about them, the tulip trees have leaves actively turning yellow, the younger maples have branches with leaves that are turning reddish. The jogging trails under the trees are already scattered with fallen leaves. The homes along Kennesaw Avenue look no different but already wear a somber air of autumn, and there are already joggers scattering early-fallen leaves.

We had a couple of hours to check out our new purchases and play fetch with Tucker, then went out to a happy event: David Gibson's birthday party at Longhorn. It was a big happy party of twenty and we ate and chattered and laughed and looked sober and passed around the cards and enjoyed each other's company.

Came home for the usual evening dog walk and continued watching From the Earth to the Moon. I confess, we skipped the Apollo 13 episode, not because I don't like it, but because I can't stand the way Emmett Seaborn gets crushed by that asshole young reporter. Won't be able to finish up tonight, though.

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