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» Sunday, September 20, 2015
Do the Store Hop

"I wonder," James said upon awakening, "if Costco still has the three-pack of Flonase."

It's the sort of question that happens at 10:30 on a Sunday morning, when we've slept late after being up past one on Saturday night. In this case, it wasn't because I was on chat, but because James' tablet gave up the ghost and instead of spending a bunch of money on a new one, he just got a refurbished 12" Asus netbook with a Groupon coupon instead. He found most of what he was doing on it wasn't suited to a tablet, like reading the modeling web pages, and he wanted Windows functions instead of Android. It's light enough that he can turn it on its side like a big book if he wants to read the magazines he's subscribed to in Nook. But it only has a 32GB SSD card on it, and even when he tossed out all the pre-installed crap (like McAfee and the temp subscription to Microslop Office), it wouldn't load Win10; not enough room on the drive for the old Win8 files (like we would keep them, but...the only use for Win8 is downloading Win10 anyway).

He needed a micro SD card for it, and a dedicated thumb drive, and a mouse, so I used this massively cool app called Flipp that has been the only good suggestion I've ever gotten from "the dentist show" (a.k.a. Atlanta and Company on Channel 11, because every time I turn it on it seems they're discussing dental implants). This app collects all the Sunday flyers from the newspaper and puts them in a form where you can page through them. If you see something you like or need, you touch it and it "circles" it. Then when you're done you go into "my clippings" and there's everything you "circled" telling you what store it's at. First time I saw it I thought "What a perfect Black Friday app!"—except it doesn't tell you when the store opens. Beats cutting up the flyers like I've been doing and marking what store and what time. I found good deals on all three at Best Buy and a couple at Staples, so we headed for Best Buy as they were closer.

He found a very nice thumb drive on sale and it's no bigger than the dongle for a wireless mouse. Instead of his buying a mouse, I bought a smaller mouse for my netbook and he can have the larger mouse I'm using right now. But try as they might, they couldn't find the sale micro SD card. So, instead, we went to Microcenter. Not only did we find one at a better price, but I found a nice vertically-oriented belt carrier for my phone. I've been looking for one but they are always the wrong size. I bought a new "red dot" for the dog and a small flashlight to attach to the leash at night as well.

And then we went to Costco and got the Flonase, and some ibuprofin, and the milk. James got a second pair of slippers because he wears them all the time in the house and they just wear out, and, since my windbreaker has vanished, I bought one of the lightweight flannel shirts that are on sale to use for a light jacket instead. These are lovely shirts; we bought some for Christmas gifts last year. We also got another Christmas gift down. I think I have a half dozen or so to go. We enjoyed a couple of samples and cooling off inside the dairy room where they keep the milk and the eggs. I remember being so congested last year that this was the only place I could breathe properly

James stopped at Kroger for gas, so I went inside to get Those Damn Bananas, a few burritos for his breakfast, ice cream sandwiches for dessert, some cheese, and some chips for his chip container, and, oh, lovely, we could come home and undress and cool down. The temp outside was almost 90, but according to the thermometer in the back yard it was 102°F.

Spent the afternoon updating the little Asus and listening to music on the 50s/60s channel. Win10, as always, took forever to download. Later watched the Nova special about discovering the fossils of early man and last week's episode of Vicious. I really want Stuart and Freddy's apartment! :-)

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