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» Saturday, September 26, 2015
Dampened but Undampered

So James was off to work this morning. He didn't have to be in until ten, so we got to sleep fairly late, if you think 8:30 is late, that is. Once again I helped him with the chair, and then started washing the comforter from the bed. I figured if I washed the comforter, then washed the bedclothes as I dried the comforter, I could go to Hair Day for a little while. Juanita was making chicken and I have something I want to take to Neil.

However, I never did get there. I discovered all those scraps of paper the dog has hidden under the bed over the last year (more scraps of paper, anyway; I thought I'd cleaned up almost all of them) and had to get it gathered up. My God, and I thought Schuyler could shred! After all that bending under the bed, I wasn't much in the mood to go anywhere.

Did a bunch of other things: finished a project, tidied up some things in the kitchen and unloaded the dishwasher, finally put the crackers and cookies from DragonCon away, concatenated some boxes, found a pouch I've been looking for, then went downstairs finally and dug out the fall decorations. I did the front porch (also trimming the nandina bushes out front so you could actually see the porch), then the foyer, and finally the dining room and the mantel. After I finished the front and the foyer, I ran in for my camera to take a couple of fall photos. It was raining and my old lens hood doesn't fit on my new camera, so I made a paper version just to get some shots without raindrops on the lens. It has pretty much been murky grey and raining all day, like yesterday not a hard rain but a steady light rain, and I had to take one photo of the drops on the firecracker bushes; they looked like glistening clear cabuchon stones on the leaves. I even managed to get Tucker to pose in the foyer and on the stairs.

Tucker slept almost the entire afternoon (except for five brief minutes when he sprang out of James' recliner like an avenging angel, barking and snarling; I looked out the front window, and yes, sure enough, the German Shepherd was being walked), and Snowy complained bitterly because I didn't have the television on. I read some H.L. Mencken for a while, then finally sat down with the computer and continued work on my Dan Palmer story and the next thing I knew it was after six and I needed to take the dog out again.

We had a dinner invitation for tomorrow night, but I had already picked up Italian wedding soup at Sprouts for Sunday supper. So I suggested to James, especially because of the constant rain, that we just have the soup for supper—it was a good soup night!—and he agreed, and that's what we did, enjoyed Italian wedding soup and watched tonight's episode of Doctor Who, which was a saga of a double cross, which turned into a triple cross, which turned into a corkscrew. Every time they made a hard left, my eyes popped a little more. Trust me, I had my eyes glued to the screen for the whole fifty minutes!

Later I put From the Earth to the Moon back on.

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